Sunday, August 4, 2013

Cartwright Family Pictures

We took some family pictures while in Utah.  The following are some of the better ones.  (Sometimes better just means funnier)

Utah Trip 2013

Hey all.  It has been a long time since we've posted.  And our kids are growing far too fast. And sadly, we haven't been awesome about taking pictures.  However, last month we drove down to Utah, and my sister Cami is great at taking pictures.  So here are some of the pictures from that trip.

The Hogle Zoo had a Lego exhibit going on which was super fun.  Here's some pictures of Hyrum as monkey and various other pictures of the zoo.

We saw a bird show, and at the end Hyrum gave this bird a fiver and so we got to take the super American picture shown below. 

We had to get the traditional lion pictures.  It was hard to get Hyrum away from playing with the water.  It was a super hot day and rather hard on us Canadians.

We were pretty hot and tired by this point.  We have several carousel pictures and this was by far the "happiest."

Aunt Cami is super fun.  She taught Hyrum how to box and she had a number of awesome hats and cars stickers. 

Traditionally Hyrum does not react well to being wet.  But he surprised us all here.  Maybe the Utah heat was just really getting to him.  

Hyrum had a blast with his aunts.  He wishes they could always be here with him.

Emilia in her blessing dress that Amy made for her.

Taking pictures is not Hyrum's favourite.  But we tried to get some with the grandparents.

Fourth of July fun.  We spent the actual fourth of July in Montana and Hyrum was a big fan of the many "booms"

It was a very fun trip.