Thursday, February 2, 2012

What we've been up to

It has been quite the time since our last blog post and frankly, I'm too tired and lazy to try to upload pictures at the moment. It's bedtime for mommy. But, I figured I'd might as well make a list of some of the things that have happened lately. If nothing else, I'll be sure to blog more about them later, hopefully with pictures so grandmas don't hate me...or mention that was the reason they gave us cameras as presents...or worse. In any case, here are some of the things that have sucked up the Cartwright's time recently.

  • Brennan and Amy attended a swankified work Christmas party for which we were entirely under and over dress (not formal enough and too much skin covered, apparently)
  • A fabulous trip to Utah for Christmas
  • Getting a piano into our apartment that actually fits
  • Looking for a new apartment. Great timing considering the fact that we just got a piano down here...blasted timing.
  • Hyrum's first birthday
  • Hyrum making his opinion VERY well known these days.
  • Hyrum's newest words: uh-oh, no, (signing) more, (signing) all done
  • Hyrum learning how to go DOWN the stairs so I don't worry about him so much
  • Moving Hyrum to his own bed
  • A Blendtec blender joined our family
  • Experiencing our first negative 30 temperatures and resulting dead car (it's running now. Hallelujah!)
  • An ipod touch also joined the family, courtesy of Brennan's "caught being good" points from work
  • Also courtesy of Brennan's work--a treadmill joined the family. We officially have far too much big stuff.
  • Finally got my computer's internet working. Discovered I've been putting in the incorrect password for, oh, I don't know, 5 months now. Yeah, I'm that smart.
  • Hyrum has become quite the book worm. I'll often find him throughout the day with a book in hand, chattering away to himself.
And that about recaps our boring life since The Sad Piano Story.


  1. Wait, what? You were in Utah? So was I! We totally should have hung out...

  2. oh Amy, I miss you! Fun post! Hyrum must be big and making lot's of "arts" around the house =) And wait, you have a piano? That's cool.. good for you!! Feel hugged! Phoenix.