Sunday, August 19, 2012

Hyrum, the great actor

We've seen the great performer, Hyrum P. Cartwright, in a number of challenging roles.

As the Baby

As a Canadian extraordinaire

As a daredevil

As a voracious animal
(insert growl!)

As Daddy

As a lover of great literature

As an overwhelmed student

As a Goofball

As a Pumpkin

As a Jimmer Fan

As a Sharkie

As an international pop star

As a sleepy walrus

As an award-winning corn eater

As a racer

And we've seen the great performer, Hyrum P. Cartwright, displaying numerous facets of emotion.





But we've never seen him like this.

In the most demanding role yet.

Coming February 2013.

Hyrum P. as...

The Big Brother!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Christmas in not-quite-July

Blogging failure, that's what I am. Here it is, June, and I haven't even blogged about Christmas yet. Ugh. Please bear with me as I attempt to catch up over the next couple of weeks.

Well, we had Christmas once upon a time and it was a blast! After two very long plane rides with a crawling baby, we finally made it to Utah to spend Christmas with the Cartwrights. Christmas with the Cartwrights...I'm not sure if that should be a straight to DVD film or a reality TV show. In any case...

We did lots of fun things like:

Destroy Grandma and Grandpa's clean house

Crawl in circles around the dining room

Visit Temple Square to look at the Christmas lights

Very concerned at the lookout point in the Joseph Smith Building

Hyrum with his namesake--Hyrum Smith.

Contemplating jumping in the reflecting pool...

Crawling up every stair he can possibly find. This kiddo loves stairs.

Play Just Dance! about a bizzilion times.

Bang on toilets to celebrate Christmas Day

And held an early birthday party for the soon-to-be one year old

And that, my friends, is how you do Christmas with the Cartwrights.

Sunday, February 5, 2012


It's happening--we're moving. About a week ago our landlords told us they would release us from our lease agreement so we could find an apartment with a more suitable floor (our current one is etched concrete. Looks cool, but not so cool). And so we went on a hunt...a hunt that stressed me out far too much. We absolutely adore so many things about our apartment--the space, how bright it is, the location, and most of all, the ward. But our apartment is at the very top of our budget and the floor was causing some fairly significant problems. Poor Hyrum has had a few too many hard bonks to the head, bruises, and bloody knees.

We found one apartment online that seemed like far too good of a deal--$750 with utilities included. That's ridiculously low. When I called the property manager, I seriously asked, "so, what's the matter with it?" She explained to me that the owner owned the property outright and was, more than anything, looking for responsible tenants who would keep things nice more than trying to make a buck.

You see, apartments in Calgary are expensive. I mean, really expensive. In fact, the apartment we're currently in was just listed today for $1300. 1300 dollars!?! I have few friends with mortgage payments that high. Yikes. And that's actually a very reasonable price in these parts. In any case, I was remarkably skeptical but figured it was worth a looksie.

So, we checked it out yesterday and you know what...not that bad! I mean, it has an "apartment bathroom." You know, paint pealing off the ceiling and less than adequate storage space. But for $750, I decided I could deal with a less than ideal bathroom situation.But, no cement floors, a nice and significantly sized kitchen, larger bedrooms (though, 2 instead of 3), more storage space, and significantly cheaper rent. Now we're talking. Oh, and get this--the managers, who live upstairs, are the bishop and his wife of the ward we will be moving into. Coincidence, maybe?

But it is with a really very heart that we are leaving. We absolutely love our ward. There have been few wards in our married lives that we were absolutely devastated to leave. Not that they were bad, we just always knew they were temporary. But, we'd planned on staying in this ward for the duration of our time in Canada so we got remarkably attached. My heart fell as I told our Primary president that we would likely be leaving. I think it fell another foot after it became a reality.

So, why move?! Sometimes I'm asking myself the same question. Really, it's about money. We're on a quest to pay off our student loans as quickly as possible. We want to be rid of debt, badly. And as much as we  love so many aspects of where we live (the floor not being one of them), we know that if we can lower one of our largest costs, we can achieve our goals even faster. Especially while dealing with the exchange rate and fees to transfer money to our US account, it's not getting paid off as quickly as we had hoped. I just have to keep up my mantra: If we can live now like no one else, later we can truly live like no one else.

And so we're off on new adventures--a new part of the city, a new ward, new friends. But we remember what is most important--our family. If we're together, then any house can be a home.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

What we've been up to

It has been quite the time since our last blog post and frankly, I'm too tired and lazy to try to upload pictures at the moment. It's bedtime for mommy. But, I figured I'd might as well make a list of some of the things that have happened lately. If nothing else, I'll be sure to blog more about them later, hopefully with pictures so grandmas don't hate me...or mention that was the reason they gave us cameras as presents...or worse. In any case, here are some of the things that have sucked up the Cartwright's time recently.

  • Brennan and Amy attended a swankified work Christmas party for which we were entirely under and over dress (not formal enough and too much skin covered, apparently)
  • A fabulous trip to Utah for Christmas
  • Getting a piano into our apartment that actually fits
  • Looking for a new apartment. Great timing considering the fact that we just got a piano down here...blasted timing.
  • Hyrum's first birthday
  • Hyrum making his opinion VERY well known these days.
  • Hyrum's newest words: uh-oh, no, (signing) more, (signing) all done
  • Hyrum learning how to go DOWN the stairs so I don't worry about him so much
  • Moving Hyrum to his own bed
  • A Blendtec blender joined our family
  • Experiencing our first negative 30 temperatures and resulting dead car (it's running now. Hallelujah!)
  • An ipod touch also joined the family, courtesy of Brennan's "caught being good" points from work
  • Also courtesy of Brennan's work--a treadmill joined the family. We officially have far too much big stuff.
  • Finally got my computer's internet working. Discovered I've been putting in the incorrect password for, oh, I don't know, 5 months now. Yeah, I'm that smart.
  • Hyrum has become quite the book worm. I'll often find him throughout the day with a book in hand, chattering away to himself.
And that about recaps our boring life since The Sad Piano Story.