Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Sad Piano Story

Gather 'round my children
 and I will tell you a tale of woe. 
This is a tale of silly money decisions,
and a piano.

Saturday morning, 
all bright and true
Mother turned to Father and said, 
Perhaps a piano we find for me and for you?

I know we are poor,
But what joy there would be,
If we could find a free piano,
So there could be voice lessons, taught by me!

And so Mother began her search and her thought of,
"Perhaps we shall find one for free?"
Turned out to be true for there was one,
Located out in Airdrie!

The piano was lovely,
A mover they found whose price they could stand,
So Mother and Father robbed their emergency fund,
To move the instrument, a Segerstrom upright grand.

The movers arrived the next morning
with this bundle of joy,
But alas! It would not fit down the stairs,
And I'm not being coy!

And so the gruff movers,
they hauled the piano away,
While Mother and Father,
they learned a hard lesson that day.

Do not rob your emergency fund,
Not even if you think it's too good to be true,
For you see, they realized,
That an emergency is not for free pianos, or even two.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Catching Up

It has been a long, and I mean a LONG time since our last post. Broken computers, missing camera cord, laziness...  You know, the normal. So, here is one picture-dense post to appease the grandmas.

First off, in September, we bought a car! It's not much to look at--a 1996 Mercury Sable wagon.  The previous owner was one of these meticulous people who had the car serviced on a meticulous schedule so it runs beautifully. We are definitely enjoying the freedom to go where we need to go without having to take a whole day to run an errand on the bus...especially now that it's absolutely freezing outside.

Hyrum has been on the M-O-V-E! For the longest time, he wasn't showing any signs of crawling at all. He would just scoot in circles on his bum until he got to where he wanted. Not the most direct route of travel, but I guess it worked for him. I certainly didn't mind the fact that he couldn't escape from me very quickly. Imagine my surprise one day in late September when voila! He could pull himself to standing. Of course, like all things Hyrum, he wouldn't do it for the camera. But here was our attempt at having him recreate it.

More of Hyrum showing off his standing skills.

But within the last month, he learned how to crawls for realsies! I think the problem was mostly our floor. Our basement apartment has etched concrete floors in the main living area so, of course, I didn't put Hyrum down very frequently for fear of him bonking and destroying all brain cell. Almost the moment we fixed the floor, he was off!  For the longest time he was doing what Brennan called his "gimpy" crawl where he would get on one knee and one hand and just push himself along. It's pretty stinkin' cute.

And of course, Blogger won't upload that video...

In any case, it's cute. We'll see if we can get him to do it again some day.

Speaking of making fixes to the house, we also tried to remedy the bathtub situation. We only have a shower unit and Hyrum's getting a bit big for the baby bath. So we tried to see if a Rubbermaid container would do the trick.

Hyrum wasn't a huge fan so now we decided to just give him showers. Thus far he loves them!

His absolute favourite place to wreak havoc on the world is the dishwasher. Every single time I open it up, he charges right over and wants to help.

On October 10 we celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving.  To celebrate, we made a turkey, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, rolls, and best of all, homemade pumpkin pie. Made from a real pumpkin and all!

And Hyrum celebrated his very first Halloween.  We're not really much of Halloween people so no costume. But Grandma provided a cute T-shirt to celebrate.

One thing's for sure, Hyrum absolutely loves food. In fact, I think half of the pictures we have are of him eating. One day we were eating corn-on-the-cob and gave him the rest of the cob to eat. Now he goes absolutely nuts whenever he sees corn. He seriously loves the stuff.

But, apples ain't bad either.

It's getting a little, well, chilly (translation: ridiculously cold!), in Calgary these days. Mommy made Hyrum a couple hats to help keep him warm. Unfortunately, his favourite activity in the entire world is to try and rip them off. Maybe one day he'll figure out that at -20 degrees it would probably be best to keep it on.

Modeling Hat #1

Modeling Hat #2

Crawling away wearing the whole snow suit ensemble. Remind anyone of poor Ralphy?

Going for a walk on  a day that was a little less chilly.

Our neighbours upstairs gave me this toy a few months ago. I put it in the closet and figured I would give it to the consignment store or something since I don't really like toys that can't fit into our little toy basket. But, one day I figured I'd might as well clean it up, put some batteries in it, and see if the kiddo even liked it. Verdict: LOVES the thing. I mean, seriously, loves it. Nearly every time we come out to the living room, he crawls right on over and starts dancing.

In both October and November, Mommy and Hyrum got to go and visit Grandma and Grandpa Isaksen in Washington for a little bit. Great thing is that Hyrum absolutely loved all of the hugs and attention. 

And here are a bunch of miscellaneous pictures because I've been a bad blogger.


Daddy and Hyrum taking a little rest

Hyrum enjoying some Nutella. Yeah, I'm a terrible mother.

Some early attempts at crawling.  Instead we just got some pictures that look like he's going to become a modern dancer.

I miss the days when these overalls fit :(

Mmmmm, broccoli soup!


The Calgary Temple is under construction! Wahoo!

And...more eating.

Well, there you have it my friends. Our little gus is growing up so quickly, it's almost hard to remember that he looked like this before we moved here.