Friday, October 21, 2011

Amy's birthday dinner

Hey all. It's been awhile since we've posted, so I figure I should do a little posting. Amy's birthday was back at the beginning of October, and Hyrum and I threw her quite the party. We went out for some father/son shopping. We went to the real Canadian superstore and costco. We attempted to go to The Real Canadian Liquor Store (actual name) but they weren't open yet. So as our last stop we went to The Liquor Store (also actual name). I always looked forward to the day when I could move out of Utah and buy my liquor in the same place where I bought my bread and cheese, but alas, you can't sell alcohol in grocery stores here either--not even beer (which proves that Canada is even more righteous than Utah--because you can buy beer at Macey's in Utah). However, I wasn't carded here and they didn't seem to have a problem with the fact that Hyrum was buying it with me, so that part was easier. We also bought Amy a super exciting present (at Costco... not the liquor store).

Hyrum waits excitedly for dinner to be done.

Look! I sucessfully got the cork out. This is significant because last time I bought wine (which was my first time buying wine) I didn't consider the cork until the meat was already cooked and the wine was ready to be poured into the meat. And I had to call my sister with her pocket knife collection to save me. It took her a long time, but she succeeded (for the complete chronicle see here). As a gift, she gave me a cork screw, so that I'd be able to survive without her after I moved away. With the right tool, life was less dramatic (however just to be sure, I opened the wine before starting anything else in the meal).

Here's the finished coq au vin product.

Here's the double layer chocolate cake with nutella frozen in the middle and whipped into the frosting. I was originally going to sprinkle hazelnuts over the top, but pecans were pretty and easier to come by.

Here's our cheese and fruit plate. In case you haven't figured it out yet, the theme of the meal was French.

Things to eat with the cheese.

The table spread.

The pineapple wasn't actually part of the dinner, but I felt it a nice addition to the picture. The sparkling cider on the table also had a cork (which Amy almost killed us with as it unexpectedly shot across the room. It did not need a corkscrew as he was just itching to get out of there).

Cake cutting time.

Hyrum: "Did I drop some of my wine infused vegetables on the floor? Could you get those for me so I can continue to suck any remaining liquid out of them?"

Pre-eating dinner.

Note: we did not eat the cake before dinner, the pictures are just out of order. I would never eat cake before dinner... that would be immoral. I would know, I got an A- in ethics once.

Hyrum trying to wash dinner down.

Here is a video of the cake eating. He's going to be a pro by the time we get to his first birthday. I suspect he'll be ready to eat his cake all proper like with a fork and knife by then.

I thought we had a video of us singing happy birthday and Amy finding her present, but maybe not because I can't find them.

Amy got a shiny red professional kitchenaid mixer.

The best gifts are those that the giver also plans to use themselves.