Sunday, September 18, 2011

Long time in comin'

I'm starting to feel like I need to make those confessions I make to my journal, you know, the "I'm so bad at keeping a journal. I resolve to be better in the future" kind of confessions. I think at least every 4 pages in my personal journals says something like that. Anyway, here's the apology to the grandmothers, sorry for the lack of pictures for the last couple of months.  Our computers have been down and out so updating the blog has been near to impossible.  In any case...

The good news is that I'm starting to actually have stuff to do during the day, which also means that my house is a mess, which also means that I take less pictures. But, I have been on a little bit of a crusade the last few days to capture a few great Hyrum moments.  Most of the pictures today are from the month of August.  We'll get September up here soon.

Here's what's up with the little dude:

He absolutely loves to stick out his tongue and he does it all. the. time.

    No crawling yet but he's starting to lunge and he's finally figured out that rolling can be used as transportation. Here's a cute video of him giving us some push-ups.

Actually, speaking of not crawling, Hyrum has started to pull himself up on things.  The other day while giving him his bath he wanted to see what was outside of his bathtub and pulled him self up to get a glance.  Hmmm... maybe he's just going to skip this whole crawling thing all together.

In other news, he is quite vocal these days.  He's been saying "mama," "dada," "nana"...basically any consonant with an "a" after it.

He also loves to bounce up and down and make the "uh uh uh" sound while he does it.

He loves green smoothies (yay for getting our greens!)

I think he's decided he's going to be the class clown.  He's a bit of a ham.

A little while ago he went on a trip with his friend Turner to the lake. Sand is basically the coolest thing ever invented. Well, except for lunch. He maybe likes that a little more...

Speaking of Turner, his mum has been working a lot recently so Hyrum and I have been playing with him for 4-5 hours a few times a week.  All I have to say is: Mothers of twins, I have enormous amounts of respect for you.  Getting two babies to take naps when they're both tired around the same time is probably the trickiest thing in the world.  Turner wants to sleep in my arms and every time I try to put him down, he cries.  I try to go and put Hyrum down for a nap but because Turner is crying, he cries too and can't go to sleep.
Good times, good times.

But here is the very best news of all:


You read that right, Hyrum has a Daddy again.  I have a husband again.  And Brennan gets sleep again.  It's pretty darn amazing.

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  1. He is getting huge! You don't realize it in the pictures of him by himself, but in the one with Brennan, you can really tell. I suppose it could also mean that Brennan is shrinking.