Sunday, July 17, 2011

New purchases

As much as I swear we don't need anymore baby crap...I mean, stuff...I always seems to acquire something else. On the docket for this week was a Jolly Jumper and a high chair. We actually already bought a knock-off door frame jumper about a month ago but, in short, it just wasn't very good. Hyrum basically just hung in it like a sack of potatoes and gave me this look like, "you think this is supposed to be fun or something?" So when I spotted a true-blue Jolly Jumper for $14 at the secondhand store the other day, I jumped at the opportunity (pun maybe intended). Good news is that this one was a far bigger hit.

P.S. Someone please remind me to stop taking videos long-wise.

We also finally got a high chair! Wahoo! It's so much easier to have dinner when we can all sit around the table rather than balancing Hyrum on our laps to eat. We decided to get one of those booster seats that just attaches to the chair. It's much easier for our potentially-nomadic lifestyle and it definitely saves some space!

In other big news, Hyrum discovered his voiced alveolar plosive this week (Okay, fine, it's just a [d], but I have to use my education somewhere, right?) He's actually been saying "duh duh duh" for a long time but I think we have some legitimate "da da"s on our hands. He kind of thinks he's the cat's meow now.

It's been another fun week of food at the Cartwright residence. This week Hyrum sampled a tuna melt sandwich, some spaghetti, basa fish, cheese, toast, an orange pepper, pancakes, and eggs (Before becoming concerned, apparently egg whites are now considered okay for babies as long as you're starting solids at 6 months and they are throughly cooked). It's been so much fun to watch him taste and experiment with food. He really will try just about anything. Mommy here certainly can't complain about that! However, Mommy should learn to take the clothes off before serving spaghetti.

Earlier this week I got to babysit for our landlords who live upstairs who have a little guy about 2.5 months older than Hyrum. Since they're both about the same size, every time we take them out together someone asks if they're twins. There was even once when our landlord had her baby in the seat of the shopping cart and I had Hyrum in the sling and someone asked if they were twins. We kind of just chuckle about it. We swear it must be because of all of that transparent hair. Either way, the two little dudes enjoyed their play time with one another. However, since Turner is now crawling around and pulling himself up on furniture, I realized how pleasant it is to sit Hyrum in one place and know he'll still be there if I turn my back!

Saturday brought another trip to the zoo. This time we visited Africa and Australia so we got to see lions, giraffes, zebras, gorillas, kangaroos, and so many other cool animals. Hyrum even took a little ride in a kangaroo pouch. Maybe this is super silly of mommy, but we even got to watch the mommy giraffe nurse her little baby. I maybe got a little teary-eyed. What can I say, I just love nursing!

Here's hopin' you're having a great day!

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