Sunday, July 3, 2011

June, the month of adventures!

The month of June brought so many fun adventures to the Cartwrights!

The weather is so beautiful here this time of year so Hyrum and Mommy sometimes visit Daddy in the city for lunch. There is a really lovely park called Prince Edward park near Daddy's work where we decided to go one day for a little outing during the work day. While Mommy and Daddy were enjoying their lunch, Hyrum showed his interest in solid foods by trying to eat the grass.

Oh, and just in case you ever visit Calgary, be sure to refrain from feeding the ducks. They are very concerned about their nutrition here.

Another fun adventure has been our adventure in cloth diapering. We won't go into all the details but in short, no big deal! Hyrum has decided to model a couple different diapers for you.

The "Flip" diaper by Cotton Babies in the colour "Noodle"

A pocket diaper made by AppleCheeks in a vibrant blue.

Mum (Canadians call their mothers "mum." I've always wanted to be a "mum"!) and Hyrum headed down to Washington to visit the Isaksens for Uncle Richard's graduation. Here are some of the fun things that happened while they were there.

We flew on more airplanes!! For the most part, Hyrum is a flying champ. Things get a little dicey when he's tired and/or hungry. He just doesn't know whether he should eat, sleep, look out the window, talk to the nice lady who keeps smiling at him, or make googly eyes at the flight attendant. So many decisions...

Courtney and Hyrum both sported footy pajamas. Aren't they cute?

Hyrum tried out the Aerosaucer and LOVED the thing.

And overall, we just had lots of fun!

Grandpa Isaksen flew back to Calgary with Hyrum and Mommy and spent a day with us. Since Hyrum liked the Aerosaucer so much, we decided to get him an Exersaucer. He's not quite as in love with it as the Aerosaucer but he seems to like it in 2-3 minute bursts. We also got a bike helmet for him so he can take rides in the bike seat!

Fun news for Hyrum: He can sit up all by himself now. We started with him sitting himself up in the seat of the couch and once he was more stable we moved on to pillows and the boppy. Now he can sit up all by himself! Well, he still manages to flop backwards from time to time but we're getting there. (P.S. Sorry the video is sideways...I couldn't figure out how to flip it.)

Mommy and Daddy also went to see Wicked this last weekend. Wahoo! Pictures aren't great but at least they're proof!!!

Other than that, it's just been life as normal here at the Cartwright home. Here's what a normal day looks like.

Hyrum wakes up around 7ish and gives Mommy a little tap to let her know it's time to wake up and feed him breakfast. Sometimes we'll swaddle his arms down at night still because he'll wake up and want to pull on Mommy's shirt. When we do, he'll wake up and give us his fun "STRETCH!!!" face.

Daddy leaves for work around 8am and Mommy and Hyrum play, clean the house, and run errands during the day.

When Daddy comes home around 6:30pm, we eat supper together and then....BATH TIME! This has become Hyrum's favorite part of the day (Thankfully! This seriously used to be the outbreak of WWIII in our home but now he loves it!)

And then it's nighty-night with the lovey Mommy just finished making for Hyrum.

And, well, that's all folks!!!


  1. Oh, I miss you guys!!! What a cute baby boy!!!

  2. oh! your family looks like you are doing so well! we miss you, but everything looks great, so I hope you are LOVIN it! Hyrum is soooooo cute!