Sunday, July 10, 2011

Independence Day, solid food, and a trip to the zoo

Monday marked our first Independence Day away from the US. In celebration of America's birthday we decided to have some yummy hamburgers and sweet potato fries for supper. It was also Hyrum's first taste of true solid food. He's tasted a couple of things before (tinsy taste of ice cream...bad mommy; ketchup, a lemon, and water) but this week marked the real deal. Since we're doing baby-led weaning (giving your baby normal adult food in manageable sizes) Hyrum's first food was a homemade sweet potato fry!

Here are a few other foods Hyrum has eaten this week:

A banana, a carrot, a piece of celery, yellow pepper, fish, steak, and rice. Thus far he's mostly just playing with his food but one item in particular was a definite hit--steak! He absolutely loved it and sucked it to his heart's content. In fact, he even tried to eat my bowl to get some more of that steak stir-fry.

The banana was a pretty big hit too.

It's also starting to warm up here in Calgary. Most days are in the low to mid 20s (translation: approximately 70-80 degrees) and the sweaters we were donning in the apartment have been abandoned for t-shirts and shorts. It's not terribly hot or anything but some days I'll just put a T-shirt and diaper on Hyrum. He seems to like the lack of clothes and for some reason I just think that little diaper showing is the cutest thing in the world.

Speaking of weather, the Calgary area had it's first tornado warning last week. Yikes! Thankfully the funnel cloud never touched down and it was north of the city in Bergen and Red Deer so not too close or anything. But it definitely gave mommy a little scare when she heard it on the radio while she and Hyrum were out and about for the day.

But here's the truly fun news for the week: Yesterday we got memberships to the the zoo. Wahoo! The plan is to go about once a week because it's such a fun outing and great exercise for mommy and daddy. One of Hyrum's favorite animals was the bear!

Hyrum, Mommy, and Daddy had so much fun on Hyrum's very first trip to the zoo.

I probably shouldn't post these next pictures for fear of embarrassment for years to come. But, here goes. I knitted a cardigan and hat for a woman in our ward who just had a little girl. I was hoping it would fit her around 6-7 months old when it was cold outside but I wasn't exactly sure what size they would come out to. So, what to do? What any mom would do with a baby who is 6 months old just hanging out. I used him as a model!

Sure enough, just right! Well, here's hoping that won't result in my kid ending up in therapy.

Speaking of 6-month olds, guess who officially turned 6 months old today?! HYRUM! Here are the latest stats on the kiddo which were taken about a week ago (note: measurements taken at home since we haven't secured a doctor in Canada yet so don't shoot me if he ends up being an inch taller or shorter next time I post.)

Weight: 18.4 lbs
Height: 27 inches
Teeth: two bottom incisors

We've got a tall little guy on our hands!

In other news, Daddy and Mommy have definitely been put to work in our new ward. Daddy was called as a ward missionary and mommy was called to be the ward chorister and the primary chorister and asked to conduct the ward choir. In short, between home and visiting teaching, meetings with the missionaries, meeting with investigators, planning music, and making crafty things to help kiddos learn new songs, this familia is super busy.

Well, that's all for now folks. We hope you have a great week!

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  1. What a cutie! If you can get avacados up there, they are perfect for babies -- soft and easy to munch. Our little girl devoured those.