Monday, July 25, 2011

Just another week

Nothing terribly exciting to report. Busy season has hit the US tax practice at PWC so Brennan has been working later hours. I almost forgot how nice it was to have a husband who worked 9am-5:30pm and got Saturdays and Sundays off. Now it's about 9am-8 or 9pm plus a bus ride home...and this is just the START! September 15th, you will arrive. You will arrive.

Hyrum is at such a cute stage right now. I feel like I say that all the time. I think every stage is my favorite. He's learning so many fun, new things right now. This last week I noticed that he's really starting to copy the things that we do. I kind of made a high sighing sound after yawning and he responded with a high sighing sound as well. I also discovered that if I shake my head "yes" he'll shake his head as well. Granted, it's a "no" shake but I think he's trying to do a "yes" but just can't do it yet. For now, I just keep telling him that both mean "yes" :)

Our good little eater has also made a few preferences known: Cantelope, cheese, and steak. Yup, steak. It's probably by far his favorite food EVER. Good thing it's the one thing here that compares well to US prices. There are lots of cows in Alberta... And apparently, sucking on it and extracting the juices gives him a lot of iron. Way to go little buddy!

But, when steak is not available, human flesh will work too.

Play time has also become even more exciting. Hyrum has become remarkably "handy." It's so much fun to watch him study different toys, what it can do, how they can stack, etc. I never understood why those stacking rings were so fun but Hyrum seems to love them. He's also started to throw toys and then go back and pick them up again. I don't know what's so dang cute about it but it has been a blast watching him learn new things and figure out cause and effect.

No crawling yet (slight sigh of relief!...once the kid can move, nothing is safe anymore!!!) but Hyrum has started to scoot around on his tummy which is super cute. Thus far he's mastered the circle. One moment he'll be playing with something and then the next he'll have made a 180-degree turn. I guess we'll see if he ever gets up on his hands and knees. Apparently his mommy here never truly crawled--just did the combat crawl but I guess we'll see. I do love the thought of having that cute little bum in the air.

I almost hate to post this for fear of jinxing myself, but...Hyrum has been sleeping a lot better at night these days. He'll still nurse once or twice, but from everything I've looked into, that's normal and healthy throughout the first year of life. Only thing is that now he wakes up a little earlier. While he used to sleep until 8am or 8:30am, 6:30-7am have become the new norm. At first I thought, "bah! Kid! Please sleep in later!!!" but the past few days I've realized that it's a perfect opportunity to go running! So, now Mommy and Hyrum both get up and out the door by about 7:30am for a jog. Since we're starting out slow, we'll run for about 25-30 minutes and then come home for some breakfast and then meet our neighbor for a 45-60 minute walk. Mommy's had to adjust her bedtime a little, bit but for the most part, it's been great! Here's hoping she finds (a hopefully smaller) pre-pregnancy Mommy soon with all of that exercising.

Well, that's about it folks. Here's hoping you have a great week!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

New purchases

As much as I swear we don't need anymore baby crap...I mean, stuff...I always seems to acquire something else. On the docket for this week was a Jolly Jumper and a high chair. We actually already bought a knock-off door frame jumper about a month ago but, in short, it just wasn't very good. Hyrum basically just hung in it like a sack of potatoes and gave me this look like, "you think this is supposed to be fun or something?" So when I spotted a true-blue Jolly Jumper for $14 at the secondhand store the other day, I jumped at the opportunity (pun maybe intended). Good news is that this one was a far bigger hit.

P.S. Someone please remind me to stop taking videos long-wise.

We also finally got a high chair! Wahoo! It's so much easier to have dinner when we can all sit around the table rather than balancing Hyrum on our laps to eat. We decided to get one of those booster seats that just attaches to the chair. It's much easier for our potentially-nomadic lifestyle and it definitely saves some space!

In other big news, Hyrum discovered his voiced alveolar plosive this week (Okay, fine, it's just a [d], but I have to use my education somewhere, right?) He's actually been saying "duh duh duh" for a long time but I think we have some legitimate "da da"s on our hands. He kind of thinks he's the cat's meow now.

It's been another fun week of food at the Cartwright residence. This week Hyrum sampled a tuna melt sandwich, some spaghetti, basa fish, cheese, toast, an orange pepper, pancakes, and eggs (Before becoming concerned, apparently egg whites are now considered okay for babies as long as you're starting solids at 6 months and they are throughly cooked). It's been so much fun to watch him taste and experiment with food. He really will try just about anything. Mommy here certainly can't complain about that! However, Mommy should learn to take the clothes off before serving spaghetti.

Earlier this week I got to babysit for our landlords who live upstairs who have a little guy about 2.5 months older than Hyrum. Since they're both about the same size, every time we take them out together someone asks if they're twins. There was even once when our landlord had her baby in the seat of the shopping cart and I had Hyrum in the sling and someone asked if they were twins. We kind of just chuckle about it. We swear it must be because of all of that transparent hair. Either way, the two little dudes enjoyed their play time with one another. However, since Turner is now crawling around and pulling himself up on furniture, I realized how pleasant it is to sit Hyrum in one place and know he'll still be there if I turn my back!

Saturday brought another trip to the zoo. This time we visited Africa and Australia so we got to see lions, giraffes, zebras, gorillas, kangaroos, and so many other cool animals. Hyrum even took a little ride in a kangaroo pouch. Maybe this is super silly of mommy, but we even got to watch the mommy giraffe nurse her little baby. I maybe got a little teary-eyed. What can I say, I just love nursing!

Here's hopin' you're having a great day!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I know I post about him a lot but I realized that it's normally about events rather than experiences. Today I was babysitting our neighbor's 8-month old baby and it was so much fun to see how even at this young age, their little personalities were shining through. This is a little post about Hyrum's personality as it is manifest right now.

Hyrum is curious and thoughtful. Some kiddos want to play with every toy in sight and move from toy to toy quickly, examining each of their properties and then moving on to the next one. Hyrum generally is quite occupied with one toy for quite some time, examining it for texture, weight, color, and anything else about it he can discern. He also is really interested in his surroundings. This makes nursing in public a little bit of a challenge (since he'll scream and cry if he can't see!) but we're just learning to make do the best we can.

Hyrum is sensitive. I've noticed on a number of occasions that even when Hyrum is happy-go-lucky as can be, if another baby or child around him cries or is distressed, Hyrum will also become distressed. I am pretty sure he's going to grow up to be a very empathetic little boy.

Hyrum is a cuddler. He loves to be held and snuggled. He has even started to give us kisses which is the most adorable thing in the world. Even though he wakes up multiple times during the night, I know it's because he just wants company and love and I'm totally okay with that.

Hyrum is remarkably happy and giggly. Just about everyone who spends time with him remarks at how content and happy he seems. Smiles abound almost constantly and his chuckles are to die for.

Hyrum is a talker. No kidding, this kiddo chatters up a storm. Whether it be during sacrament meeting, on our morning walk, or just around the house, he talks and talks and talks and talks...and talks!

Hopefully that gave you a little bit of insight into who this little dude is. Maybe I'm just an over-proud mama but thus far, I think he's a pretty darn likable fellow.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Independence Day, solid food, and a trip to the zoo

Monday marked our first Independence Day away from the US. In celebration of America's birthday we decided to have some yummy hamburgers and sweet potato fries for supper. It was also Hyrum's first taste of true solid food. He's tasted a couple of things before (tinsy taste of ice cream...bad mommy; ketchup, a lemon, and water) but this week marked the real deal. Since we're doing baby-led weaning (giving your baby normal adult food in manageable sizes) Hyrum's first food was a homemade sweet potato fry!

Here are a few other foods Hyrum has eaten this week:

A banana, a carrot, a piece of celery, yellow pepper, fish, steak, and rice. Thus far he's mostly just playing with his food but one item in particular was a definite hit--steak! He absolutely loved it and sucked it to his heart's content. In fact, he even tried to eat my bowl to get some more of that steak stir-fry.

The banana was a pretty big hit too.

It's also starting to warm up here in Calgary. Most days are in the low to mid 20s (translation: approximately 70-80 degrees) and the sweaters we were donning in the apartment have been abandoned for t-shirts and shorts. It's not terribly hot or anything but some days I'll just put a T-shirt and diaper on Hyrum. He seems to like the lack of clothes and for some reason I just think that little diaper showing is the cutest thing in the world.

Speaking of weather, the Calgary area had it's first tornado warning last week. Yikes! Thankfully the funnel cloud never touched down and it was north of the city in Bergen and Red Deer so not too close or anything. But it definitely gave mommy a little scare when she heard it on the radio while she and Hyrum were out and about for the day.

But here's the truly fun news for the week: Yesterday we got memberships to the the zoo. Wahoo! The plan is to go about once a week because it's such a fun outing and great exercise for mommy and daddy. One of Hyrum's favorite animals was the bear!

Hyrum, Mommy, and Daddy had so much fun on Hyrum's very first trip to the zoo.

I probably shouldn't post these next pictures for fear of embarrassment for years to come. But, here goes. I knitted a cardigan and hat for a woman in our ward who just had a little girl. I was hoping it would fit her around 6-7 months old when it was cold outside but I wasn't exactly sure what size they would come out to. So, what to do? What any mom would do with a baby who is 6 months old just hanging out. I used him as a model!

Sure enough, just right! Well, here's hoping that won't result in my kid ending up in therapy.

Speaking of 6-month olds, guess who officially turned 6 months old today?! HYRUM! Here are the latest stats on the kiddo which were taken about a week ago (note: measurements taken at home since we haven't secured a doctor in Canada yet so don't shoot me if he ends up being an inch taller or shorter next time I post.)

Weight: 18.4 lbs
Height: 27 inches
Teeth: two bottom incisors

We've got a tall little guy on our hands!

In other news, Daddy and Mommy have definitely been put to work in our new ward. Daddy was called as a ward missionary and mommy was called to be the ward chorister and the primary chorister and asked to conduct the ward choir. In short, between home and visiting teaching, meetings with the missionaries, meeting with investigators, planning music, and making crafty things to help kiddos learn new songs, this familia is super busy.

Well, that's all for now folks. We hope you have a great week!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

June, the month of adventures!

The month of June brought so many fun adventures to the Cartwrights!

The weather is so beautiful here this time of year so Hyrum and Mommy sometimes visit Daddy in the city for lunch. There is a really lovely park called Prince Edward park near Daddy's work where we decided to go one day for a little outing during the work day. While Mommy and Daddy were enjoying their lunch, Hyrum showed his interest in solid foods by trying to eat the grass.

Oh, and just in case you ever visit Calgary, be sure to refrain from feeding the ducks. They are very concerned about their nutrition here.

Another fun adventure has been our adventure in cloth diapering. We won't go into all the details but in short, no big deal! Hyrum has decided to model a couple different diapers for you.

The "Flip" diaper by Cotton Babies in the colour "Noodle"

A pocket diaper made by AppleCheeks in a vibrant blue.

Mum (Canadians call their mothers "mum." I've always wanted to be a "mum"!) and Hyrum headed down to Washington to visit the Isaksens for Uncle Richard's graduation. Here are some of the fun things that happened while they were there.

We flew on more airplanes!! For the most part, Hyrum is a flying champ. Things get a little dicey when he's tired and/or hungry. He just doesn't know whether he should eat, sleep, look out the window, talk to the nice lady who keeps smiling at him, or make googly eyes at the flight attendant. So many decisions...

Courtney and Hyrum both sported footy pajamas. Aren't they cute?

Hyrum tried out the Aerosaucer and LOVED the thing.

And overall, we just had lots of fun!

Grandpa Isaksen flew back to Calgary with Hyrum and Mommy and spent a day with us. Since Hyrum liked the Aerosaucer so much, we decided to get him an Exersaucer. He's not quite as in love with it as the Aerosaucer but he seems to like it in 2-3 minute bursts. We also got a bike helmet for him so he can take rides in the bike seat!

Fun news for Hyrum: He can sit up all by himself now. We started with him sitting himself up in the seat of the couch and once he was more stable we moved on to pillows and the boppy. Now he can sit up all by himself! Well, he still manages to flop backwards from time to time but we're getting there. (P.S. Sorry the video is sideways...I couldn't figure out how to flip it.)

Mommy and Daddy also went to see Wicked this last weekend. Wahoo! Pictures aren't great but at least they're proof!!!

Other than that, it's just been life as normal here at the Cartwright home. Here's what a normal day looks like.

Hyrum wakes up around 7ish and gives Mommy a little tap to let her know it's time to wake up and feed him breakfast. Sometimes we'll swaddle his arms down at night still because he'll wake up and want to pull on Mommy's shirt. When we do, he'll wake up and give us his fun "STRETCH!!!" face.

Daddy leaves for work around 8am and Mommy and Hyrum play, clean the house, and run errands during the day.

When Daddy comes home around 6:30pm, we eat supper together and then....BATH TIME! This has become Hyrum's favorite part of the day (Thankfully! This seriously used to be the outbreak of WWIII in our home but now he loves it!)

And then it's nighty-night with the lovey Mommy just finished making for Hyrum.

And, well, that's all folks!!!