Sunday, May 29, 2011

What we do all day

Since graduating and having a lot more homework-free time, people keep asking me, "so, are you bored yet?!?" Maybe the novelty still hasn't worn off but I feel like every day I still don't have enough time to get everything done. I thought this feeling would go away when I just got to play mommy. To give you a little idea, this is what our week looked like:

Monday: Victoria Day! Our very first official holiday in Canada. I wondered what the significance was. I mean, I was pretty sure it had something to do with Queen Victoria but I wondered why it merited a day off of work/school/the like. Apparently, it's just Queen Victoria's birthday...not really anything more exciting to it. But, it was our first holiday! We actually didn't do a ton because Mommy got a nasty ear infection (seriously, I don't think I've had a true-blue ear infection since I was about 6 years old. Those things hurt like crazy!) We sat around most of the day, cleaned, read up on how to get rid of ear infections (which, by the way, NEVER try to give your ears a hot water flush with a syringe. OUCH!!!!), and mostly lazed about.

Tuesday: Went to the clinic down the street. Paid a $200 out-of-country fee to have the doctor look in my ear, say "yes, it's infected," and prescribe a $46 bottle of ear drops. Lovely.

Wednesday: I decide I want to give us some extra sleeping space. Since Hyrum has moved into our bed (glad we sprang for the three bedroom apartment and all), and I didn't want to get rid of our memory foam pad, I arranged his crib to be sidecar with our bed. Well, he decided in the night that he was going to have none of that! So, he just ended up sleeping on our bed anyway.

Thursday: Tear his crib down and moved it back into his room. Put our bedroom back the way it was.

Friday: Removed the memory foam from our bed, take our mattress and box springs off of the bed frame and put it on the floor so it's safer for Hyrum.

Saturday: The great grocery shopping without-a-car trip! To accomplish this, we decided to put Hyrum in the Moby wrap and use his stroller as a pack mule. Worked out pretty well! We also went for our first family poutine dinner at none other than KFC. Not bad.

Sunday: Went on the longest family walk ever! You can read the details on Mommy's personal blog but here's the reduced version: get to bus stop after church, no bus, wait for a long time, ward member offers to give us ride home, don't have car seat, decline, wait longer, give up and walk the 30-or-so blocks back to our house. At least it was an adventure!

And there was the week! We all manage to stay pretty busy. Brennan is getting a better hang of things at his job and it seems like his co-workers are lots of fun. He leaves the house to catch the bus at about 8am and gets home sometime around 6 or 6:30pm. Not bad for an accountant! But, we're not to busy season so I guess the real state of the accountant widow hasn't been realized yet. We're also excited to get our very first big-kid pay check this next week! Basically the entire thing will be used to pay for our move but SOMEDAY we'll be rich enough to buy cheese and milk again!

And, on to pictures and videos...the only reason that grandmas even care about this blog :)

Hyrum, Mommy, and Daddy all laid down to take a nap yesterday. When Mommy tried to move to get the camera, she woke everyone up but got a few cute pictures anyway.

On Tuesday morning I was a little occupied with trying to figure everything out with our international insurance. Hyrum was getting a little bored so I gave him a nearby bag of chips to play with while I was on the phone. I figured he couldn't do much damage. But, one minute everything was fine and the next I look down to find that he certainly WAS able to get the chips out.

Did you know that Hyrum has the most fantastic eyelashes? Seriously, they're gorgeous! I tried to get a picture of them the other day but instead just ended up with some strange shots.

But, when we're not off doing crazy things, we're just playing and having fun!

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  1. Does anyone deliver groceries to your apartment? Safeway (or the Canadian equivalent)? or Amazon? Or someone? I would hate to shop without a car to haul everything in.