Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers' Day!!!

Amy and I tend to not have the best luck when it comes to celebrating Mothers' day. The holiday when engaged and the first one married were spent with Amy being on choir tour with BYU Singers. (Please note the lack of snarky comment here... I've almost got my singers disdain under control). The year after that, we had recently found out we were pregnant which would seem to be the perfect time to celebrate motherhood; however, Amy's body did a lot of strange things during pregnancy, so on Mothers' day last year, we were pretty sure that Amy was miscarrying and ain't nobody was happy. This year we're spending it apart again with me alone in Calgary and Amy and Hyrum back in Utah with my family. Next year, we hope to really enjoy this holiday with maybe some craft made out of macaroni, we'll see.

Anyways... the point of this post is to be a Mothers' day tribute to Amy since I am not with her to give her one in person. From the beginning of our time together, I always thought it a shame that our masculine/feminine roles weren't switched as I was sure that I would be a much better homemaker/stay-at-home-mom than her. Now that we've had a few years under our belt and a few months of parenthood, I've learned that the only place where this is true is in the kitchen. Everywhere else (all the places that actually matter), Amy wins hands down. She is so good with Hyrum (so much better than either of us expected her to be--and that is a high compliment not a put down I promise). I have about a 2 1/2 hour window in which I can be okay watching Hyrum by myself before I'm pretty bored/frustrated (don't worry kid, I really like you.... but so much screaming is hard for me), yet Amy has done it almost consistently throughout his short life. She loves him so much and never seems to tire of him. Once we get him to sleep, I'm always ready to move onto activities that don't involve Hyrum (that used to be homework.... we'll have to see what it will be at this point). Yet, even after wrestling with him all day, I'll find Amy watching the short home movies we have taken of the kid with great delight. That's how much she likes him.

She spends so much time thinking about parenthood and how to raise him best. And even though I know this is hard for mothers to do, she works very hard to include me in parenting and doesn't boss me around too much when I'm with him. She's been very good to me throughout these few months of parenthood. She's very nice and usually lets me sleep on through the night. She has always let me put my schoolwork first even though getting tipity top grades isn't all that important to anyone except for me (my self esteem is way to wound up with grades--I'm not sure how I'll find ways to feel like a valuable person now that there will be no more report cards).

Amy has also always been a very good 'mother' for me. She has often let me be emotional when needs be and always expressed love for me no matter how stupid my actions may have been. Part of me thinks that being married to me has been good practice for her for raising teenagers. She's very kind, concerned, and loving for all of us. She fights my battles with me even when the battle is one that I should've never got us into to begin with.

Anyways... I'm a bad writer--that's why I studied accounting. So I'll stop the blabbering of this post and just say, "Amy, I love you and appreciate all you do for our family! Happy Mothers' Day!" Hyrum obviously agrees.

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  1. I loved this. What a wonderful husband you are, and I thought you wrote lovingly and very clearly. Amy is great, and Hyrum is adorable. Congrats on the baby, the job, and your new life in Canada. I will be thinking enviously of you when it's 110 degrees in Phoenix...