Friday, May 6, 2011

Canadia, here we come!

Well, as you all know, we're moving to Canada! The great migration began today with Brennan's flight into Calgary. From what I've been able to ascertain, getting into the country and getting a work visa went fairly smoothly. Wahoo! It looks like things are working out.

So, here's the skinny on the move. Let's talk about COM.PLI.CA.TED! Because we're moving across the border, doing a Uhaul-type of service wasn't going to work--can't use them to cross the border. After some researching and minor freak-out sessions, we decided to go with a U-pack company, ABF. Only issue there was the enormous trailer that we had to find a place to park in our apartment complex. Thankfully that all went well. We packed, we DI-ed everything that we didn't want to declare on our customs form/immigrate to a foreign country, and cleaned like mad. Thanks to the help of fabulous ward members and Brennan's dad, we were all done on Wednesday night. Hallelujah!

Next complication: Getting Hyrum a passport. Am I the only one who figured a birth certificate would be fine for a baby?? The immigration lawyer that Brennan's company hired for us asked for Brennan's and my passport, but only asked for a birth certificate for Hyrum. So we just figured that was all that we needed. Mistake! Hyrum needs a passport to fly across the border. We applied for one about a week and a half ago and supposedly it will only take 2-3 weeks for it to be processed. But, since Brennan has to start work this coming Monday and Hyrum can't get into Canada, we had to split up for a little bit.

Brennan flew out today and now that he has his work visa, I can hand it off to the movers on Monday (they have to have a copy of the visa before they can drive our stuff into the country. So, lucky Brennan gets to spend the next week sleeping on a couch with the contents of his suitcase for company). Then Hyrum and I will fly to Washington on Tuesday to stay with my family until the passport comes.

In the meantime, we're staying with family. Next fun coincidence--they're ALSO in the middle of moving. Talk about timing! But, it's all worked out and happiness abounds in the land of the movers.

Next complication: My dad works for an airline and in order to get the discounted ticket price for my ticket, he is going to fly with Hyrum and I to Calgary. Only catch is that he has to go on one of his days off. Hopefully Hyrum's passport decides to make an appearance sooner than later so we can all be together again rather than coming on my dad's day off and having to wait another 4 days...

And there's our little adventure. Hopefully it will all end in happiness and joy and hopefully Brennan, Hyrum, and I can all be together again soon. We miss you Daddy!


  1. That's totally crazy. I'm so sorry you have to be separated, it's so rough when you have a new baby. I guess you have to keep telling yourself that it really will pass, that you really will eventually all be in the same place... but it's hard to remember when everything is so stressful and difficult. LAME!

  2. Holy cow! That SUCKS. Deep breaths. Focus on something fun you can do/indulge in when this whole *funness* is over. You can do it!