Thursday, April 28, 2011

He rolls!

I wish I had pictures of this but unfortunately, Hyrum won't recreate it just yet. Today Hyrum rolled over for the first time! I was over visiting my friend Christine and as we were chatting away we looked down and there was Hyrum, moving from back to tummy! Back to tummy!!!! Since normally babies start rolling from tummy to back first, I seriously thought, "does that actually count??" He was lying on top of my Moby Wrap (which is just a big piece of cloth) so I thought MAYBE it gave him a little bit of an advantage. But on further thought, it's a piece of cloth for crying out loud! It couldn't have boosted him up enough to help him roll over.

And then later tonight when I was at home and in the bedroom, Brennan yelled for me to come to the living room quickly. Hyrum had been hanging out on his tummy and was already halfway onto his back when I got there. Bah! He can roll both ways now! Watch out world, he's mobile now!

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