Thursday, April 28, 2011

He rolls!

I wish I had pictures of this but unfortunately, Hyrum won't recreate it just yet. Today Hyrum rolled over for the first time! I was over visiting my friend Christine and as we were chatting away we looked down and there was Hyrum, moving from back to tummy! Back to tummy!!!! Since normally babies start rolling from tummy to back first, I seriously thought, "does that actually count??" He was lying on top of my Moby Wrap (which is just a big piece of cloth) so I thought MAYBE it gave him a little bit of an advantage. But on further thought, it's a piece of cloth for crying out loud! It couldn't have boosted him up enough to help him roll over.

And then later tonight when I was at home and in the bedroom, Brennan yelled for me to come to the living room quickly. Hyrum had been hanging out on his tummy and was already halfway onto his back when I got there. Bah! He can roll both ways now! Watch out world, he's mobile now!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

1000 words

You know the old saying, "A picture says a thousand words?" Well, in this case, the lack of pictures (or at least the posting of them) is saying much more than a picture ever could. This last month has been the month of craziness in the Cartwright household.

Things that have been accomplished in the last month:

Daddy: has taken 4 midterms in two weeks, worked a ton of hours and has been training his replacement, 1.5 finals done (3.5 to go and one more final project) and finished watching the 4th season of Psych. To say the least, Daddy is starting to lack a little bit of motivation here towards the end BUT he's sitting really well in his classes so there doesn't seem to be a worry.

Mommy: Literature oral, final oral, minor comp exam, minor defense, recital, recital paper, pedagogy paper and presentation, and two more projects to go and she is DONE! Phew! Remember when I said I wasn't even sure I'd go back to school?

Hyrum: (of course, he gets most of the attention...he is the cutest of us all)

Hyrum is growing like a weed and is just getting cuter and more fun by the day. Headlines from the last month include:

Watching with Daddy every NCAA playoff game that BYU played. Brennan has decided that our boys will definitely be sports fans so decided to get an early start. Hyrum maybe has taken too much of a liking to it.

Hyrum also survived his very first cold. We worked as hard as we could to save Hyrum from germs but since we like Daddy, we let him come in the house and bring the plague with him. Mr. Cold made his journey from Daddy to Baby to Mommy. It was a little bit traumatic but thankfully all made it through alive. Hyrum decided to share his feelings regarding the event.

Lest anyone get any ideas that this kid is shy after that last video...

Not only does he love to talk, but he's also discovered his head voice.

Following his attempts to get moving, he kind of discovered that he's spinning his wheels.

On the developmental front, Hyrum is starting to make attempts to roll over. I swear he was about half over before I grabbed the camera.

He also has learned to pick things up with his hands. Of course, everything goes right to his mouth.

Speaking of mouths, we're fairly sure Hyrum's working on a tooth because there has been an incessant amount of drool, sleeping at night has been patchy at best, and the kid chews on just about everything.

(taken during a piggyback ride with Daddy)

He is also starting to like baths! Wahoo!!! Warning, the next video isn't exactly G-rated but he was just so dang happy (and it's just family and close friends reading this thing, right?) that we had to post it.

We're also working on a few strategies to help Hyrum sleep through the night. I've checked out a book from the library called "The No-cry Sleep Solution" and I'm hoping it's going to help. I just hate, Hate, HATE the idea of letting my sweet baby cry it out and he's too young for it anyway (the youngest recommended age is 4 months). But, that's a can of worms that I probably shouldn't open in cyber space just yet. We'll work through her suggestions and after implementing them for a while, hopefully we'll be a success story! But, in the meantime, here are a few sleepy baby moments:

Potential future dancer, anyone? Well, at least he seems to like our dear Ella Fitzgerald!

And last but not least, we're getting the family ready to move to the great white Canadian north. Who knew that would creep up so fast? Things we've discovered that will be difficult about moving to a foreign country:

1) Currency exchange--especially trying to send a deposit up to our landlords was definitely an exercise in patience. Add to that the issue of having a US student loan and attempting to pay it with a Canadian bank account sounds like it's going to be a pleasant mess.
2) Moving our crap, I mean, stuff. Customs people! Boo!
3) Getting a work visa. Talk about the messiest thing EVER! We have to wait for Brennan's degree to post before we can even apply for the work visa. Degrees aren't technically supposed to post for 6-8 weeks after graduation but his start date is May 9th. Thankfully BYU is going to manually post it for us but it still is presenting itself as a timing issue.
4) Re-learning how to spell: grey vs. gray (which one is it anyway?), centre, catalogue, colour.
5) Re-learning how to talk: Mazda, pasta, bag. What are we getting ourselves into?

Overall, we just keep reminding ourselves that we are VERY lucky to have a job and that it will all work out somehow. Not to mention, I'm pretty sure we are moving to the most beautiful place in the world and living amongst the friendliest people. Last year Canadians were voted the happiest people on the planet. Didn't know that, eh?