Sunday, March 6, 2011

How time flies!

People always said that the older we got, the faster time would fly and boy, they're not joking. Hyrum is turning 8 weeks old tomorrow. Where did the time go??? Since we didn't have this blog when Hyrum was born, I've included a few pictures and videos from when he was a brand new little tyke.

Posing for his first picture EVER!

Our first family picture

Showing off his mouth opening skills. He's still really good at that.

And here's our little sunbather discovering life outside his little bathtub inside of Mommy.

And here we are 8 weeks later. Our little buddy still thinks he's a newborn (still loves to curl up in a little ball on Mommy's chest and still balls up his little fists when he is eating or sucking on his pacifier) but he's definitely getting so big!

Here's our little buddy being introduced to the world of BYU basketball as he and Daddy enjoy some Man Time.

Obviously it wore Hyrum out...

Hyrum has also learned how to hold on to things. Since he loves to eat so much, we thought we would start with a spoon.

Then we moved on to the Monkey. He loves his monkey...well, at least he loves to eat it.

And we are finally getting him to smile for the camera.

He also makes the cutest little dolphin giggle when he gets really excited. Of course he won't do it for the camera but I was able to capture a few other happy sounds. Watch out at the end...he gives us a little bit of a surprise!

Overall, he's just becoming lots more playful

And just to do a little bit of comparison and contrast, this is what Hyrum looked like 6 weeks ago today:

And this is what he looks like today!


  1. Well, I think it's pretty obvious you aren't feeding him enough Amy. Those before and after pictures - he's nothing but skin and bones! =o)

  2. You're right, I should really work on that :) I swear, I must produce ice cream for this kid or something.