Sunday, March 13, 2011

2 months old!

This week Hyrum hit the two-month mark. Whoa! Time is just flying by! Here are the stats on our little fellow:

Height: 13lbs 1.5 oz (just under 90th percentile)
Weight: 23.5 inches (just over 75th percentile)
Head circumference: 16 inches (just under 75th percentile)

And here's a photo of our little man on his 2-month birthday!

So there you have it, we've got a very healthy baby boy on our hands. As a mom, I constantly worry about my mommy-ing skills but after his appointment with the pediatrician, I realize I'm just about the best mommy in the world :) Just kidding. But, it does make me feel better when the doctor says things like, "whatever you're doing, keep it up!" He confirmed that Hyrum is doing fantastic. Not only is he gaining weight well but he also is developmentally on track and even ahead of the game. He already holds up his head completely on his own and loves to look around. Vision and hearing also appear to be great! Way to go little guy!

Other exciting things for this week:

Hyrum slept through the night from 8pm-4:30am on Saturday night (if you include the time change it was actually 5:30am, but I figured that was cheating). I did pop the pacifier in his mouth once or twice when he was starting to fidget a lot but no night feedings and I got more sleep than I anticipated.

Mommy and Daddy are both gearing up for intense weeks at school. Daddy has 3 midterms and Mommy has a 20-page paper due this week, an experiment to conduct for her pedagogy class, and a recital to memorize for her hearing next week. Sheesh! But, guess what!?! Both Mommy and Daddy are about to be done with school! I don't know if anyone can possibly understand the relief in that statement...

Also, we have an apartment in Calgary! 3 bedroom basement apartment with a backyard, dishwasher, washer and dryer, all utilities included (plus internet!) for $1000 a month. We're pretty stoked. It's located in a quiet residential area within the city limits of Calgary and here's the best part--The landlord lives upstairs and it's a young couple with a 4-month old baby. We have built-in friends! They actually made a really nice arrangement to have our lease start in May rather than April because they were excited about having another young family rent the apartment.

Along with our exciting week we had a photo session where we took pictures of Hyrum wearing an outfit his daddy wore when he was a baby. Here are a few of them!

And here's one after we were able to peel the outfit off of him.

If you couldn't tell by that last picture, Hyrum also discovered his hands this week. I swear every time we look at him he's trying to shove both of them in his mouth. He has yet to figure out that they don't fit...

Sunday, March 6, 2011

How time flies!

People always said that the older we got, the faster time would fly and boy, they're not joking. Hyrum is turning 8 weeks old tomorrow. Where did the time go??? Since we didn't have this blog when Hyrum was born, I've included a few pictures and videos from when he was a brand new little tyke.

Posing for his first picture EVER!

Our first family picture

Showing off his mouth opening skills. He's still really good at that.

And here's our little sunbather discovering life outside his little bathtub inside of Mommy.

And here we are 8 weeks later. Our little buddy still thinks he's a newborn (still loves to curl up in a little ball on Mommy's chest and still balls up his little fists when he is eating or sucking on his pacifier) but he's definitely getting so big!

Here's our little buddy being introduced to the world of BYU basketball as he and Daddy enjoy some Man Time.

Obviously it wore Hyrum out...

Hyrum has also learned how to hold on to things. Since he loves to eat so much, we thought we would start with a spoon.

Then we moved on to the Monkey. He loves his monkey...well, at least he loves to eat it.

And we are finally getting him to smile for the camera.

He also makes the cutest little dolphin giggle when he gets really excited. Of course he won't do it for the camera but I was able to capture a few other happy sounds. Watch out at the end...he gives us a little bit of a surprise!

Overall, he's just becoming lots more playful

And just to do a little bit of comparison and contrast, this is what Hyrum looked like 6 weeks ago today:

And this is what he looks like today!