Thursday, February 3, 2011

THAT's what stay at home moms do all day

I may have been one of those delusional people who thought, "oh, someday when I stay home all the time I'll have time to do my knitting and my sewing and catch up on my novel reading. NOT! I'm not really sure why I thought this would be so easy and carefree because I'll tell you exactly what stay-at-home moms do. (note: I'm not even technically a stay-at-home mom! I'm supposed to be going to school but we haven't really been able to move forward with that yet because, well, being a stay-at-home mom takes a lot of time!)

8am-9am: Feed baby, snuggle for a little bit, have a little bit of play time, put him down to sleep
9am-11am: wash dishes, clean kitchen, attack the stains on the stove, sweep floor
11am-12pm: Baby wakes up, feed, snuggle, play, sleep
12pm-2pm: clean bathroom, get shower
2pm: Baby wakes up, feed, snuggle, play, read a book, sleep
2pm-4pm: Tidy the rest of the house
4pm: Baby wakes up, feed, snuggle, play, no go to sleep. Hyrum's fussy time of day. Fussy time continues until about 7:30pm
5pm: Daddy comes home. Talk to Daddy for a little bit, try to appease fussy baby.
7:30pm: Baby goes to sleep for 1/2 hour, Mommy does pointless stuff to make up for how busy she's been all day
8pm-10p: baby wakes up, eats, fusses, eats, fusses, eats, falls asleep
10pm: Daddy picks baby up off Mommy's chest since both fell asleep in armchair from exhaustion. Mommy goes to sleep to prepare for the round of night feedings.

And that was a GOOD looked something more like this:

6-8am: feed fussy baby, try to appease fussy baby, feed, appease, feed, finally fall asleep. Sleep until 9am.
9am-10am: Go lie baby down, start some dishes, run out of dish soap, baby wakes up.
10am-2pm: Struggle to get baby to go down for a nap because he's so dang tired. Mommy has a good cry over her lack of being able to make baby happy
2pm-3pm: baby goes down for nap, Mommy tidies house and jumps into the shower. Baby wakes up mid shower. Mommy hurries out of shower to appease fussy baby.
3pm-8pm: Feed, appease, feed, appease (you know the drill by now)

So yeah...where was my knitting/reading/sewing time in there?


  1. Isn't it amazing how much your perspective of a busy day has changed? I always had to remind myself as the end of the day that feeding and taking care of a baby is a lot of work so that I didn't get discouraged by the stuff I couldn't do. You're doing AMAZINGLY Amy! It does get easier, promise!

  2. see your first schedule? that's similar to mine on a good day, only i have absolutely no motivation to do any of the dishes/cleaning that you got done, so our house is a complete mess.
    I've heard it gets better after a couple of months...I'll let you know.

  3. Oh Amy, I can see that reading this new blog of yours is going to be so much fun! I felt the same way, but I also felt like "wait -- what did I do today? NOTHING productive." Like someone else said, I had to remind myself that being the lifeblood of a little baby is VERY productive. I'm glad you have such a fun attitude about it; it will get you through a lot!

  4. oh amy, i have so been there! i still have days where i can't remember anything productive i did that day. i can tell you that it will (probably) get better and (somewhat) easier as hyrum gets older and settles into his own schedule. and don't get down on yourself when he's super fussy & cranky. he's still trying to figure out what he needs, and if he doesn't know, you can't always help him. but he does know that you love him & are giving him the attention and care that he needs, so please know that you're a good mom!