Sunday, February 13, 2011

So many firsts!

It's been an exciting week for little Hyrum. So many new things! This week Hyrum had his first trip to the public library. Granted, he slept through most of it but he woke up right toward the end so he got to feel the magic of the library for at least a few minutes. We came home with SOOOO many books for him to read (Mommy was kind of getting tired of the children's books we have. One can only read Green Eggs and Ham so many times).

Here is Daddy reading Hyrum his very first library book!

It was also Hyrum's first day at church today and he performed/behaved so well! No crying and he managed to time his feeding in the middle of Sunday School which, if no one will think I'm awful for saying this, is Mommy's least favorite hour of church so it was very well timed.

Hyrum also discovered his legs this week and has been thumping away. He figured out that his bouncer is about a million times more fun now that he can make it move.

Mommy and Daddy are also getting smiles galore as well as a few cute cooos from time to time.

Hyrum is also starting on his journey to sleeping through the night! For the past two nights he has slept for over 6 hours. Way to go little guy! He also has started to go down for his naps a lot easier. Mommy just sticks him in the crib with his pacifier and off he goes to Slumberland!

And here are a few more sleepy baby pictures because he's just so darn cute!

Mommy and Hyrum both fell asleep after the last night feeding and Daddy got a picture.

Hyrum's favorite sleeping position. Normally Mommy swaddles him up but figured this was just too cute.

Hyrum and Mommy took a long, well-deserved nap together after class on Friday

And here are a few more of our little guy, just for good measure!

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  1. I love all your posts! They are all so fun to read! Hyrum is so sweet -- I'm healthy and want to spend time with you and cuddle your little boy!!!