Thursday, February 10, 2011

My one-month birthday! (From Hyrum's perspective, of course)

Today was my one-month birthday. It's kind of incredible to think that only one month ago today Mommy and Daddy met me for the first time. To celebrate, this is what we did today!

Mommy let me sleep in her arms this morning. I really like it when she lets me do that because I really like how warm she is and how she lets me curl up on her chest.

Then she stuck me in my bouncer so she could get ready to go to school. I'm not the biggest fan of the bouncer but I guess I can deal with it for a short time so Mommy can try to make herself look pretty. Plus, when I let her do that, she wears her hair down which means I get to pull it and throw up in it...way fun!

Mommy dressed me in a pair of jeans and a sweater that Great-grandma Pollock made for me. It kept me very warm when Mommy took me out in my stroller.

Mommy's visiting teacher came by and gave her some cookies. Mommy ate a lot of them which is fine by me because it means that I get chocolate milk later.

Then we took a nice stroller ride down to BYU so that Mommy could go to hear a guest lecturer. She left me with Daddy for that hour which was SUPER fun. I love my Daddy and I wish I got to see him more, so this was a super special treat!

Sometime later that day, Mommy brought me home and even though she's been trying to cut back on my eating time, I've figured out that I can still get all the food I want and more if I just eat faster. Woops...that made me sick.

Since I was sick all over myself a number of times this afternoon, Mommy gave me a bath. I did NOT like the bath today. Not sure why, but sometimes I just don't like the bath and today was that day.

Later, I tried out Luvs diapers for the first time. Mommy and Daddy really hope they work well because they say they're cheaper than Pampers. But, little do they know that no diaper in the world can contain the messes I make. I just love making messes!

After Daddy got home tonight, the three of us got roast beef sandwiches from Arby's and a cupcake from The Cocoa Bean. Yummm! So many yummy things for me to eat!

Now that I've had a long and productive day, I went to sleep easily and am currently in slumberland, having happy dreams and giggling in my sleep.

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