Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I could talk about my baby all day

I used to think that people who talked about their children all the time were crazy. I mean, don't they have a life of their own? Don't they have their own interests? I remember the first time I thought about doing things like putting my kids in gymnastics and going to their meets (I think I was about 8ish) and my thought seriously went something like this, "why would I be proud of my kids? I'd just want to be the one out there doing stuff...why would I care what my kids were doing?" I like to think this is a normal reaction for a child in thinking about their posterity but maybe I was just a super selfish kid.

Well, now I've traversed the great divide from self to mommy and I swear, I really could talk about Hyrum all day long (any of you BLESSED to talk to me on a daily basis surely know this).

On that note, here are a few updates on the little man:

* This week we discovered that he loves music. If he's being fussy we'll just put on some piano or violin music and the little fellow calms right down.

* Mommy feels super accomplished because she got him to go down for bedtime at 8pm this week. Success! We'll see if we can keep this up.

* He moved into Size 1 diapers on 2/1/11. Our little baby is growing up so fast!!!!

* We're pretty sure that he's starting to smile. I mean, it could be gas but he seems to be so happy when he makes these faces that we're pretty sure they're genuine. We tried to capture it on video but were unsuccessful. I'll post the video at the bottom of this post anyway because, well, who wouldn't just want to watch him make funny faces?

* Bath Time success! Bath #3 at home was taken without tears or screaming. Secret? Mommy put a warm cloth over his body when she was washing other parts of him. While I don't think he'll be begging for a bath anytime soon, at least there was no massive struggle.

* Coos, oohs, and ahhhs. The little dude makes so many sounds these days, especially when he's sleeping.

* On the sleeping front, we think he's figured out the difference between night and day. While he still gets up a number of times throughout the night to feed (usually 2-3 times, every 3ish hours) he goes right back to sleep after nursing. During the day he'll usually have some awake play time before going down for his nap. So, there's definitely a difference between the two. Wahoo! Someday soon he'll sleep through the night and it will be amazing for everyone involved.

* In conjunction with above statement, Hyrum has proven himself to be a champion cuddler. Whenever Mommy goes to burp him after feeding him, he will literally shimmy down her chest to the center and curl up in a little ball. It's probably the sweetest thing in the world. The only problem is that Mommy loves it too much so she just lets him sleep there for a while and after the 4am feeding, is too tired to move him back to his bed so we often spend the next 4 hours just sleeping in the recliner. It's absolutely precious, though maybe bad for Hyrum's sleep habits. Whatever, we'll break them when he's less cuddly because for now Mommy loves the snuggles too much. Plus, he'll sleep for 4 hours like that and only 3 hours in his bassinet. One doesn't have to be a genius to know that everyone's life is better for the extra hour of sleep!


  1. SO CUTE!!! He's doing so good! I can't wait to see him again and snuggle him! It's great that he's doing the sleeping right after night feedings thing - Gracie did that too and it SAVED me.

  2. The whole snuggling thing is SO cute! I also do the wash cloth thing for Clara, I forgot to mention it. I miss you both tons. We'll have to have more mommy dates when I get back!