Sunday, February 6, 2011

Getting so big and strong!

At Hyrum's two week appointment with the pediatrician, the doctor instructed us that we should be sure to have daily tummy time to play. I told the doctor that we try to have tummy time every day but Hyrum really hates it. Of course, Hyrum does the one thing that all kids do at the doctor's office...make their mommies look like fools. The doctor put him on his tummy to check how he's doing with holding up his head. Result: Hyrum loves tummy time. So, we come home, I stick him on his tummy and he screams. Whatever kid, make mommy look like an idiot.

But, we have found one way that he'll do tummy time with happiness--the Boppy! (P.S. LOVE that thing. I always thought it was maybe a silly piece of baby paraphernalia but I don't know what I'd do without it now)

But Hyrum's not the only one who's getting so big and strong! Daddy found a new move that appeases Hyrum while he's fussy and it also works as a great wrist/bicep/tricep workout. Both of them benefit!

While we're at it, here are a few more pictures of our little fellow:

Showing off his big eyes for all the ladies

Mommy trying to wake Hyrum up to feed. She wasn't very successful.

All bundled up for his first stroller ride to campus. He doesn't seem too amused but at least he stayed warm while it snowed outside!

Sometimes we use the Moby Wrap to hold Hyrum while Mommy takes care of housework. This time he decided to show off his super long fingers. Mommy thinks he's going to become a piano player someday with those long digits!

On Hyrum's two-week birthday Mommy dressed him in the waistcoat she knitted for him along with the mittens and booties Grandma Isaksen made for him.

Hyrum taking his first bottle from Daddy. He always wants to nurse, even after he takes the bottle so we're still working on that...

Hyrum's bath time adventures. Here is Bath #1 at home. Not really his favorite thing to do...




Bath Time #3 was more successful in that he didn't scream bloody murder but it's still not his favorite thing to do.

Last but not least, Mommy snuggling with her new little friend


  1. I love this a thousand times! He's so cute. I want to come home to see how big he's getting!

  2. We're excited for you to come back Amanda but we hope you're having lots of fun with family in AK!

  3. Blasted tummy time! The doctors always make it sound so easy, and of course the kid performs for them. Both of my kids have hated it, but I think the more you do it the less they hate it (theoretically). Love the bath series; no one ever told us how much they hate their first bath! Keep the posts coming (in all your spare time :)).