Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Feeding Time: The Obstacle Course

I took Hyrum to the doctor's office today because he started his whole "let's spit up profusely" routine again. Last time we went, the doctor told me to keep him upright for 20-30 minutes after eating. That really helped...for about a week. Then he started spitting up again like crazy. So, I called the pediatric nurse and she told me that warranted a check-up.

First of all, they weighed him again to make sure he was thriving and BOY is he thriving. This chunkster now weighs 11 pounds. 11 pounds!!! He's only 4 weeks old! That right there about eliminates most baby tummy problems.

After visiting with the pediatrician on call, she confirmed what the doctor said last time...Hyrum's probably just overeating. She gave me a few tips to help him not overeat. Thus comes the obstacle course instructions:

1) Pump off for a few minutes before feeding Hyrum
2) make sure to feed Hyrum before he starts crying
3) Pull Hyrum off every few minutes to burp
4) only feed Hyrum for about 15 minutes at a time
5) feed Hyrum more frequently to compensate for less feeding time
6) Keep Hyrum upright for 20-30 minutes after feeding.

Sounds simple enough. But, here's what it looks like when we get home:

1) Sit down to feed Hyrum, realize I've forgotten to pump
2) Hyrum is smart and knows he's about to get fed.
3) Hyrum gets upset when he realizes he's going to have to wait a few minutes
4) Mommy gets out breast pump to pump off for a few minutes
5) Hyrum begins to voice his frustrations over not getting fed when he wants to/thought he was going to
6) Hyrum starts to fuss and cry..uh oh! I wasn't supposed to let him cry!
7) Mommy hooks up breast pump and is holding that with one hand and Hyrum with the other hand.
8) Hyrum tries to eat Mommy's arm to see if it will give him any food.
9) Hyrum realizes it won't and begins to fuss again.
10) Mommy tries to calm Hyrum down by bouncing him so that he doesn't cry
11) Mommy is bouncing with one side of her body and trying to keep the breast pump steady on the other side of her body
12) Hyrum starts getting super fussy
13) Mommy has to decide between pumping and not crying...chooses not crying
14) Mommy hurries back to chair and feeds Hyrum
15) Mommy pulls Hyrum off every few minutes, as the doctor suggested
16) Hyrum is frustrated because he wants to keep eating
17) Hyrum eats for about 15 minutes so Mommy pulls him off and burps him
18) Hyrum decides he's not done so he starts rooting around and getting angry again.
19) Mommy decides to give in and let him keep feeding. I mean, whatever, so he throws up after he eats too much. Apparently the worst thing that can happen is he'll gain a ton of weight and mess up his clothes. It just means more laundry for Mommy.
20) Mommy fails at obstacle course and realizes that if she's going to continue with said course, she's going to be washing that dumb pump very frequently without getting any storage out of it.

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  1. Bahahahahahaha! Oh, how I totally understand this dance. Clara gets so excited when she realizes she's about to eat, and if I have to run and go get something first she gets SO MAD. It's basically the only time she cries. Poor Hyrum... he must like feeling extra-extra full.