Sunday, February 27, 2011

Back again!

We've been borrowing a camera from Brennan's sister Cami and I didn't know how to clear the memory card (yeah, I'm THAT technically savvy) so there weren't many pictures this week...sad! But, here we go about catching up!

Big updates for the last two weeks:
Hyrum: Voluntary smiles, so cute! His new happiest time of day is in the early morning around 7:30-8:00am when there is SO much cooing and smiling.
Daddy: A's on all of his tests he took last week, huzzah!
Mommy: Vocal pedagogy prospectus complete and recital date successfully scheduled (Thursday April 7th in the Maeser Building auditorium).

A few good stories:

* Hyrum managed to mess through his clothes while we were at Wal-mart last night. Mommy went to go change him but the women's bathroom was being cleaned. Daddy came to the rescue and took him to change in the men's bathroom. I guess it was a HUGE mess and it took Daddy quite a while to clean in between all of his fat rolls. Just as he was finishing up, Hyrum sprung a leak all over the place, laughing and smiling the whole time. Mommy kept wondering what was taking so long when a man came out and said, "Don't worry, they're doing great in there." Places that have now been desecrated by Hyrum: 1 library nursing lounge, 1 Wal-mart bathroom, 1 Grandma and Grandpa living room, and 1 apartment wall. I wonder how many more we can accomplish before potty training begins.

* At Mommy's postpartum doctor's appointment the doctor came in, takes one good look at Hyrum and says, "well, aren't you a poor, malnourished soul?! Whatcha doin', storing walnuts in there? You've got more chins than the doctor!" Yeah, we've got a chunker. Darn it, he's cute!

* Last Friday Hyrum went down for his normal nap around 8:30am. Mommy went to jump in the shower and then remembered that she wanted to clean the bathroom that day. Hmm...dilemma: Hyrum's first nap is usually pretty short so the clock is ticking. To clean or not to clean? Mommy decides to try. So, she says a little prayer asking for Hyrum to stay asleep long enough to clean the bathroom and hurriedly sets about the arduous task. As she finishes up she thinks it would be a good idea to scrub the kitchen floor while she has all the stuff out from scrubbing the bathroom floor. Another little prayer and mission accomplished. Then she decides she'd like a shower, boom! done! Then she thinks it would be nice to blow-dry her hair. Again, success! Next thought: maybe she can straighten it too? Whoa! But no, that's the end of the amazing blessing and that's okay. Who knew I would get so much more efficient? And who knew the day would come when I seriously prayed for my child to take a longer nap so I could clean?

But, what you really all want are pictures, right? So, here they are!

Hyrum has been coming to school with Mommy a lot these days. Daddy thought we should give him the true BYU experience by making him wear a backpack.

Remember how last time we went to the pediatrician Hyrum totally made Mommy look like a fool because he feigned to like tummy time? Well, I got proof. Definitely not his favorite thing...

Hyrum's also trying to grow up far too fast these days. This is his current attempt at crawling. He's still got a ways to go but Mommy thinks he needs to slow down! (and Daddy doesn't want him moving because then he'll become Mr. Destroyer!)

And here he is sitting up! (with help from the couch, of course)

Our big boy is also starting to be able to escape from his swaddle. We'll often come in and find his little hands poking out. So, Daddy decided to swaddle him with his arms out the other day. Silly Daddy, Silly Baby.

We're also getting lots more noise out of this kid but sometimes he gets a little bit of stage fright.

On the sleeping front, we've had a few naps lately where all Mommy has had to do is put Hyrum in his crib and Boom! He goes down for a nap on his own. Blessed day! But, he still prefers to sleep in someone's arms. We sure like the snuggles so I don't blame him for liking them too.

And again, here are a couple more that don't need any explanation. He's just dang cute.


  1. I wish I could give him a snuggle! What a cutie pie!