Sunday, February 27, 2011

Back again!

We've been borrowing a camera from Brennan's sister Cami and I didn't know how to clear the memory card (yeah, I'm THAT technically savvy) so there weren't many pictures this week...sad! But, here we go about catching up!

Big updates for the last two weeks:
Hyrum: Voluntary smiles, so cute! His new happiest time of day is in the early morning around 7:30-8:00am when there is SO much cooing and smiling.
Daddy: A's on all of his tests he took last week, huzzah!
Mommy: Vocal pedagogy prospectus complete and recital date successfully scheduled (Thursday April 7th in the Maeser Building auditorium).

A few good stories:

* Hyrum managed to mess through his clothes while we were at Wal-mart last night. Mommy went to go change him but the women's bathroom was being cleaned. Daddy came to the rescue and took him to change in the men's bathroom. I guess it was a HUGE mess and it took Daddy quite a while to clean in between all of his fat rolls. Just as he was finishing up, Hyrum sprung a leak all over the place, laughing and smiling the whole time. Mommy kept wondering what was taking so long when a man came out and said, "Don't worry, they're doing great in there." Places that have now been desecrated by Hyrum: 1 library nursing lounge, 1 Wal-mart bathroom, 1 Grandma and Grandpa living room, and 1 apartment wall. I wonder how many more we can accomplish before potty training begins.

* At Mommy's postpartum doctor's appointment the doctor came in, takes one good look at Hyrum and says, "well, aren't you a poor, malnourished soul?! Whatcha doin', storing walnuts in there? You've got more chins than the doctor!" Yeah, we've got a chunker. Darn it, he's cute!

* Last Friday Hyrum went down for his normal nap around 8:30am. Mommy went to jump in the shower and then remembered that she wanted to clean the bathroom that day. Hmm...dilemma: Hyrum's first nap is usually pretty short so the clock is ticking. To clean or not to clean? Mommy decides to try. So, she says a little prayer asking for Hyrum to stay asleep long enough to clean the bathroom and hurriedly sets about the arduous task. As she finishes up she thinks it would be a good idea to scrub the kitchen floor while she has all the stuff out from scrubbing the bathroom floor. Another little prayer and mission accomplished. Then she decides she'd like a shower, boom! done! Then she thinks it would be nice to blow-dry her hair. Again, success! Next thought: maybe she can straighten it too? Whoa! But no, that's the end of the amazing blessing and that's okay. Who knew I would get so much more efficient? And who knew the day would come when I seriously prayed for my child to take a longer nap so I could clean?

But, what you really all want are pictures, right? So, here they are!

Hyrum has been coming to school with Mommy a lot these days. Daddy thought we should give him the true BYU experience by making him wear a backpack.

Remember how last time we went to the pediatrician Hyrum totally made Mommy look like a fool because he feigned to like tummy time? Well, I got proof. Definitely not his favorite thing...

Hyrum's also trying to grow up far too fast these days. This is his current attempt at crawling. He's still got a ways to go but Mommy thinks he needs to slow down! (and Daddy doesn't want him moving because then he'll become Mr. Destroyer!)

And here he is sitting up! (with help from the couch, of course)

Our big boy is also starting to be able to escape from his swaddle. We'll often come in and find his little hands poking out. So, Daddy decided to swaddle him with his arms out the other day. Silly Daddy, Silly Baby.

We're also getting lots more noise out of this kid but sometimes he gets a little bit of stage fright.

On the sleeping front, we've had a few naps lately where all Mommy has had to do is put Hyrum in his crib and Boom! He goes down for a nap on his own. Blessed day! But, he still prefers to sleep in someone's arms. We sure like the snuggles so I don't blame him for liking them too.

And again, here are a couple more that don't need any explanation. He's just dang cute.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

So many firsts!

It's been an exciting week for little Hyrum. So many new things! This week Hyrum had his first trip to the public library. Granted, he slept through most of it but he woke up right toward the end so he got to feel the magic of the library for at least a few minutes. We came home with SOOOO many books for him to read (Mommy was kind of getting tired of the children's books we have. One can only read Green Eggs and Ham so many times).

Here is Daddy reading Hyrum his very first library book!

It was also Hyrum's first day at church today and he performed/behaved so well! No crying and he managed to time his feeding in the middle of Sunday School which, if no one will think I'm awful for saying this, is Mommy's least favorite hour of church so it was very well timed.

Hyrum also discovered his legs this week and has been thumping away. He figured out that his bouncer is about a million times more fun now that he can make it move.

Mommy and Daddy are also getting smiles galore as well as a few cute cooos from time to time.

Hyrum is also starting on his journey to sleeping through the night! For the past two nights he has slept for over 6 hours. Way to go little guy! He also has started to go down for his naps a lot easier. Mommy just sticks him in the crib with his pacifier and off he goes to Slumberland!

And here are a few more sleepy baby pictures because he's just so darn cute!

Mommy and Hyrum both fell asleep after the last night feeding and Daddy got a picture.

Hyrum's favorite sleeping position. Normally Mommy swaddles him up but figured this was just too cute.

Hyrum and Mommy took a long, well-deserved nap together after class on Friday

And here are a few more of our little guy, just for good measure!

Saturday, February 12, 2011


I can't think of any part of raising a baby where there is more controversy or theories than sleeping. It's probably because that's the part that parents miss most...a good night's sleep. I've gotten a lot of advice over the past few weeks, everything from "don't worry about it for now" to "let him cry it out." I didn't feel terribly comfortable with either side of the spectrum. To just say, "eh, I'll worry about it later" kind of stressed me out a little bit because I just kept thinking of all of the horrible habits I could instill in my child at a young age and would have to deal with later--namely things like letting Hyrum always fall asleep in my arms or only putting him in his crib after he was asleep. On the other hand, cry outs at such a young age seem really extreme to me. I think he's far too young, especially in those first few weeks when he doesn't know yet that someone will be there for him when he needs them. I think this time of life is crucial to establishing a trusting relationship between babies and parents.

Anyway, now I'll get off my soap box. Here's how I've resolved to handle the controversial sleep beast:

The pediatrician has instructed us to keep Hyrum upright for 30 minutes after feedings because the sphincter muscle at the top of his stomach doesn't close correctly yet. This is preferably done in someone's arms and she instructed us not to put him in a car seat or a bouncer at night. During the day we have at least 30 minutes of playtime after each feeding so it works out splendidly. Then, when he's showing signs of being tired (the cutest little yawns!!), I swaddle him up and puts him in the crib. I'll usually give him the pacifier because I know he still has a major sucking reflex (even the nurses in the hospital commented on how much he just wanted to suck). The pacifier will fall out from time. If he's seeming content, I'll just let it stay out. If he starts getting anxious, I'll go pop it back in. Now, this could be one habit I'm instilling that needs to be broken later but I figure 1) it's one I don't mind dealing with and 2) it's a lot easier to take the pacifier away than it is to take fingers/the thumb away so why not keep it to something removable? Result: usually Hyrum will go to sleep on his own, in the crib. Success!!!

Now, nighttime is another issue. Since I have to keep Hyrum upright but I also want him to differentiate between night and day, we don't have playtime after he eats. Instead, I'll just let him fall asleep on my shoulder or chest, and then stick him in the crib after 30 minutes. I figure it's better he learn to differentiate and associate nighttime with no playing rather than worry about keeping him upright for 30 minutes, waking him up, and then stick him in his crib. So, it's not ideal but I think we're doing pretty dang good considering the circumstances.

Results? For the most part, Hyrum knows the difference between night and day!!! He'll usually perk up after feedings during the day and conk out after feedings at night. AND, last night he slept for 6 hours straight!!! I actually woke up in a panic at 1:30am because he normally wakes up by then to eat (I try to put him down about 8 or 9pm). But, he was totally fine and fast asleep. Yup, I'm a good Mommy :)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

My one-month birthday! (From Hyrum's perspective, of course)

Today was my one-month birthday. It's kind of incredible to think that only one month ago today Mommy and Daddy met me for the first time. To celebrate, this is what we did today!

Mommy let me sleep in her arms this morning. I really like it when she lets me do that because I really like how warm she is and how she lets me curl up on her chest.

Then she stuck me in my bouncer so she could get ready to go to school. I'm not the biggest fan of the bouncer but I guess I can deal with it for a short time so Mommy can try to make herself look pretty. Plus, when I let her do that, she wears her hair down which means I get to pull it and throw up in it...way fun!

Mommy dressed me in a pair of jeans and a sweater that Great-grandma Pollock made for me. It kept me very warm when Mommy took me out in my stroller.

Mommy's visiting teacher came by and gave her some cookies. Mommy ate a lot of them which is fine by me because it means that I get chocolate milk later.

Then we took a nice stroller ride down to BYU so that Mommy could go to hear a guest lecturer. She left me with Daddy for that hour which was SUPER fun. I love my Daddy and I wish I got to see him more, so this was a super special treat!

Sometime later that day, Mommy brought me home and even though she's been trying to cut back on my eating time, I've figured out that I can still get all the food I want and more if I just eat faster. Woops...that made me sick.

Since I was sick all over myself a number of times this afternoon, Mommy gave me a bath. I did NOT like the bath today. Not sure why, but sometimes I just don't like the bath and today was that day.

Later, I tried out Luvs diapers for the first time. Mommy and Daddy really hope they work well because they say they're cheaper than Pampers. But, little do they know that no diaper in the world can contain the messes I make. I just love making messes!

After Daddy got home tonight, the three of us got roast beef sandwiches from Arby's and a cupcake from The Cocoa Bean. Yummm! So many yummy things for me to eat!

Now that I've had a long and productive day, I went to sleep easily and am currently in slumberland, having happy dreams and giggling in my sleep.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Feeding Time: The Obstacle Course

I took Hyrum to the doctor's office today because he started his whole "let's spit up profusely" routine again. Last time we went, the doctor told me to keep him upright for 20-30 minutes after eating. That really helped...for about a week. Then he started spitting up again like crazy. So, I called the pediatric nurse and she told me that warranted a check-up.

First of all, they weighed him again to make sure he was thriving and BOY is he thriving. This chunkster now weighs 11 pounds. 11 pounds!!! He's only 4 weeks old! That right there about eliminates most baby tummy problems.

After visiting with the pediatrician on call, she confirmed what the doctor said last time...Hyrum's probably just overeating. She gave me a few tips to help him not overeat. Thus comes the obstacle course instructions:

1) Pump off for a few minutes before feeding Hyrum
2) make sure to feed Hyrum before he starts crying
3) Pull Hyrum off every few minutes to burp
4) only feed Hyrum for about 15 minutes at a time
5) feed Hyrum more frequently to compensate for less feeding time
6) Keep Hyrum upright for 20-30 minutes after feeding.

Sounds simple enough. But, here's what it looks like when we get home:

1) Sit down to feed Hyrum, realize I've forgotten to pump
2) Hyrum is smart and knows he's about to get fed.
3) Hyrum gets upset when he realizes he's going to have to wait a few minutes
4) Mommy gets out breast pump to pump off for a few minutes
5) Hyrum begins to voice his frustrations over not getting fed when he wants to/thought he was going to
6) Hyrum starts to fuss and cry..uh oh! I wasn't supposed to let him cry!
7) Mommy hooks up breast pump and is holding that with one hand and Hyrum with the other hand.
8) Hyrum tries to eat Mommy's arm to see if it will give him any food.
9) Hyrum realizes it won't and begins to fuss again.
10) Mommy tries to calm Hyrum down by bouncing him so that he doesn't cry
11) Mommy is bouncing with one side of her body and trying to keep the breast pump steady on the other side of her body
12) Hyrum starts getting super fussy
13) Mommy has to decide between pumping and not crying...chooses not crying
14) Mommy hurries back to chair and feeds Hyrum
15) Mommy pulls Hyrum off every few minutes, as the doctor suggested
16) Hyrum is frustrated because he wants to keep eating
17) Hyrum eats for about 15 minutes so Mommy pulls him off and burps him
18) Hyrum decides he's not done so he starts rooting around and getting angry again.
19) Mommy decides to give in and let him keep feeding. I mean, whatever, so he throws up after he eats too much. Apparently the worst thing that can happen is he'll gain a ton of weight and mess up his clothes. It just means more laundry for Mommy.
20) Mommy fails at obstacle course and realizes that if she's going to continue with said course, she's going to be washing that dumb pump very frequently without getting any storage out of it.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Getting so big and strong!

At Hyrum's two week appointment with the pediatrician, the doctor instructed us that we should be sure to have daily tummy time to play. I told the doctor that we try to have tummy time every day but Hyrum really hates it. Of course, Hyrum does the one thing that all kids do at the doctor's office...make their mommies look like fools. The doctor put him on his tummy to check how he's doing with holding up his head. Result: Hyrum loves tummy time. So, we come home, I stick him on his tummy and he screams. Whatever kid, make mommy look like an idiot.

But, we have found one way that he'll do tummy time with happiness--the Boppy! (P.S. LOVE that thing. I always thought it was maybe a silly piece of baby paraphernalia but I don't know what I'd do without it now)

But Hyrum's not the only one who's getting so big and strong! Daddy found a new move that appeases Hyrum while he's fussy and it also works as a great wrist/bicep/tricep workout. Both of them benefit!

While we're at it, here are a few more pictures of our little fellow:

Showing off his big eyes for all the ladies

Mommy trying to wake Hyrum up to feed. She wasn't very successful.

All bundled up for his first stroller ride to campus. He doesn't seem too amused but at least he stayed warm while it snowed outside!

Sometimes we use the Moby Wrap to hold Hyrum while Mommy takes care of housework. This time he decided to show off his super long fingers. Mommy thinks he's going to become a piano player someday with those long digits!

On Hyrum's two-week birthday Mommy dressed him in the waistcoat she knitted for him along with the mittens and booties Grandma Isaksen made for him.

Hyrum taking his first bottle from Daddy. He always wants to nurse, even after he takes the bottle so we're still working on that...

Hyrum's bath time adventures. Here is Bath #1 at home. Not really his favorite thing to do...




Bath Time #3 was more successful in that he didn't scream bloody murder but it's still not his favorite thing to do.

Last but not least, Mommy snuggling with her new little friend

Thursday, February 3, 2011

THAT's what stay at home moms do all day

I may have been one of those delusional people who thought, "oh, someday when I stay home all the time I'll have time to do my knitting and my sewing and catch up on my novel reading. NOT! I'm not really sure why I thought this would be so easy and carefree because I'll tell you exactly what stay-at-home moms do. (note: I'm not even technically a stay-at-home mom! I'm supposed to be going to school but we haven't really been able to move forward with that yet because, well, being a stay-at-home mom takes a lot of time!)

8am-9am: Feed baby, snuggle for a little bit, have a little bit of play time, put him down to sleep
9am-11am: wash dishes, clean kitchen, attack the stains on the stove, sweep floor
11am-12pm: Baby wakes up, feed, snuggle, play, sleep
12pm-2pm: clean bathroom, get shower
2pm: Baby wakes up, feed, snuggle, play, read a book, sleep
2pm-4pm: Tidy the rest of the house
4pm: Baby wakes up, feed, snuggle, play, no go to sleep. Hyrum's fussy time of day. Fussy time continues until about 7:30pm
5pm: Daddy comes home. Talk to Daddy for a little bit, try to appease fussy baby.
7:30pm: Baby goes to sleep for 1/2 hour, Mommy does pointless stuff to make up for how busy she's been all day
8pm-10p: baby wakes up, eats, fusses, eats, fusses, eats, falls asleep
10pm: Daddy picks baby up off Mommy's chest since both fell asleep in armchair from exhaustion. Mommy goes to sleep to prepare for the round of night feedings.

And that was a GOOD looked something more like this:

6-8am: feed fussy baby, try to appease fussy baby, feed, appease, feed, finally fall asleep. Sleep until 9am.
9am-10am: Go lie baby down, start some dishes, run out of dish soap, baby wakes up.
10am-2pm: Struggle to get baby to go down for a nap because he's so dang tired. Mommy has a good cry over her lack of being able to make baby happy
2pm-3pm: baby goes down for nap, Mommy tidies house and jumps into the shower. Baby wakes up mid shower. Mommy hurries out of shower to appease fussy baby.
3pm-8pm: Feed, appease, feed, appease (you know the drill by now)

So yeah...where was my knitting/reading/sewing time in there?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I could talk about my baby all day

I used to think that people who talked about their children all the time were crazy. I mean, don't they have a life of their own? Don't they have their own interests? I remember the first time I thought about doing things like putting my kids in gymnastics and going to their meets (I think I was about 8ish) and my thought seriously went something like this, "why would I be proud of my kids? I'd just want to be the one out there doing stuff...why would I care what my kids were doing?" I like to think this is a normal reaction for a child in thinking about their posterity but maybe I was just a super selfish kid.

Well, now I've traversed the great divide from self to mommy and I swear, I really could talk about Hyrum all day long (any of you BLESSED to talk to me on a daily basis surely know this).

On that note, here are a few updates on the little man:

* This week we discovered that he loves music. If he's being fussy we'll just put on some piano or violin music and the little fellow calms right down.

* Mommy feels super accomplished because she got him to go down for bedtime at 8pm this week. Success! We'll see if we can keep this up.

* He moved into Size 1 diapers on 2/1/11. Our little baby is growing up so fast!!!!

* We're pretty sure that he's starting to smile. I mean, it could be gas but he seems to be so happy when he makes these faces that we're pretty sure they're genuine. We tried to capture it on video but were unsuccessful. I'll post the video at the bottom of this post anyway because, well, who wouldn't just want to watch him make funny faces?

* Bath Time success! Bath #3 at home was taken without tears or screaming. Secret? Mommy put a warm cloth over his body when she was washing other parts of him. While I don't think he'll be begging for a bath anytime soon, at least there was no massive struggle.

* Coos, oohs, and ahhhs. The little dude makes so many sounds these days, especially when he's sleeping.

* On the sleeping front, we think he's figured out the difference between night and day. While he still gets up a number of times throughout the night to feed (usually 2-3 times, every 3ish hours) he goes right back to sleep after nursing. During the day he'll usually have some awake play time before going down for his nap. So, there's definitely a difference between the two. Wahoo! Someday soon he'll sleep through the night and it will be amazing for everyone involved.

* In conjunction with above statement, Hyrum has proven himself to be a champion cuddler. Whenever Mommy goes to burp him after feeding him, he will literally shimmy down her chest to the center and curl up in a little ball. It's probably the sweetest thing in the world. The only problem is that Mommy loves it too much so she just lets him sleep there for a while and after the 4am feeding, is too tired to move him back to his bed so we often spend the next 4 hours just sleeping in the recliner. It's absolutely precious, though maybe bad for Hyrum's sleep habits. Whatever, we'll break them when he's less cuddly because for now Mommy loves the snuggles too much. Plus, he'll sleep for 4 hours like that and only 3 hours in his bassinet. One doesn't have to be a genius to know that everyone's life is better for the extra hour of sleep!