Monday, June 30, 2014

Don't forget the diaper bag

It was just going to be a short trip. Take Brennan to work, drop him off, drive home. Easy peasy, short, no diaper bag needed.

That last sentiment should never enter into my thoughts.

We dropped Brennan off at work without incident. I noted that it was 9:05, only 25 minutes until my optometrist's office opened. I've been using the same contacts for about 4 months and finally gave them the heave-ho into the garbage can so I wanted to go and pick up more. I've been meaning to do this for months but just hadn't gotten around to it.

I realized I would need to keep the kids happy for 20 minutes until they opened so I did what all good mothers do: I got them junk food (Timbits for the win!) to hold them over. Timbits secured, I drove to the optometrist's office, let the kiddos polish off their poison, and then proceeded to get them out of their car seats once it hit 9:30.

Commence reason for needing a diaper bag

Emilia had a diaper blow out. I don't think this has happened for almost a year so I was completely unprepared...and diaper bag-less.

I considered just turning around. Go home, change diaper and clothes, come back, call it good. But I know Amy Isaksen Cartwright. As soon as she walks through that front door, getting everyone back into the car is far more work than she has energy for.

Thankfully, I do keep babywipes in the car at all time. I stripped her down, wiped her up, and then debated my bad mother decisions: be that who runs inside quickly while leaving the kiddos in the car or take a naked toddler into the optometrist. But then {Ahhh-ahhhhh! singing from the heavens}, I see my woven wrap in the car. If I throw her on my back in a wrap, no one will even know she's naked. Sure, she could pee all down my back in a short trip, but it was worth the risk to end the baby ripping my glasses off my face and/or stinging eyes from old contacts.

Like a boss, I got her up on my back, good and covered her nakedness (which was probably preferable for the little gal. It was a little chilly today), and took the kids into the optometrists office...

Only to discover that it's a long weekend and they are closed.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Hiatus over

The Cartwrights were without a camera for too long. Hyrum stepped on our point-and-shoot and the lens stopped retracting. I was left taking pictures on our tablet which had pretty terrible photo quality. Cue Brennan being Mr. Extraordinaire at work and getting a bunch of acclaim points, enough to have this friend join our lives

So now we have decent pictures! Some day I might even learn how to use it without the auto settings.

Life right now is pretty predictable. Work has calmed down a bit for Brennan which means we get to eat dinner as a family most nights. The weather is getting nicer and we're heading into summer. I really love living in Calgary but winter is L-O-N-G. So, I'm pretty stoked at the prospect of much more outside time, park dates, canning, gardening and all things fun. You know, days that looks more like this.

These photos were taken at a little playground near us. Last year it was damaged in the flood and we were so excited to see it open again this year.

Since it's been a while since we last updated, here are a few things about what the kiddos are up to right now.

Hyrum loves playing with his trains, especially his Trackmaster set. Unfortunately for Hyrum, Emilia also loves playing with it. This does not usually end well...

Hyrum could run all day long. I'm not even sure that's a joke. When people told me that three year old boys were just one big ball of energy, I completely underestimated it. With constant running comes cuts and bruises. This one was obtained today during nursery when Hyrum kept ramming a push toy into the wall and apparently smacked his head in the process.

Hyrum loves to watch construction workers, fire trucks, going to the zoo, putting his hands into all thing gushy, playgrounds, Dora the Explorer, singing silly songs and reading Robert Munsch books. His current favourite is "Seeing Red," affectionately known as The Ketchup Book. Oh, and he likes ketchup. It's pretty much the base of his diet right now.

Big Smiles

Not eating supper. Notice the lack of ketchup.
Being a Super Hero!
Pretending to be asleep so he doesn't have to go to church


15 months might be my favourite age ever. If only she would sleep through the night, it might be heaven. I love how she copies things that we do from spitting in the sink after pretending to brush her teeth to mimicking song actions. So much fun and exploration!

Some of Emilia's current favourite pastimes are climbing, using forks (she's kind of obsessed with them), playing with any and all of Hyrum's toys, singing silly songs, nursing (I don't think this girl will ever wean), and going with mommy everywhere. She has a few words: Mama, Dada, duck, bath, hi and bye (accompanied with waves), go, and barking like a dog.
So serious.

An so silly

Playing with playsilks

Baby Esmeralda!

Playing peek-a-boo

Drinking Mommy's tea. She loves the stuff.

Angry because Daddy told her she couldn't play in his salad

When I'm not chasing these rugrats, I've been doing some writing and blogging and was recently accepted as a perma over at The Exponent II. I'm pretty stoked about it. I really enjoy writing for YMF and will probably stick around for a little while longer, but I'm really excited to be a part of that community and forum. I also started sewing for a mama who owns a home business of converting woven wraps into wrap conversion mei tais and ring slings. It's a nice way for me to make a little bit while also doing something that I love. It's also gotten me back into the sewing habit which means lots of fun things for the kiddos in store.

The fabric is super thick and after literally holding my basic Brother machine down while also trying to sew a seam, I finally broke down and purchased this oldie but goodie of a workhorse machine. Huzzah! Here's to a machine that doesn't try to dance off the table in the middle of sewing a seam!

Also, Emilia really likes to help me in my sewing endeavors.

Sitting on a pattern

Trying to reach my pins

Got poked by a pin...

Laying on top of my fabric

Needless to say, I do most of it after she's asleep.

Well, that's it until next time. Have a wonderful week!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Cartwright Family Pictures

We took some family pictures while in Utah.  The following are some of the better ones.  (Sometimes better just means funnier)